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美国个人主义的探讨A Study on American Individualism

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关键词:American Individualismpoliticseconomicssociety


A Study on American Individualism


I Introduction
Individualism is the very core of American culture and the main value in America.We can say that individualism has been influencing all the fields of Politics,economics and society,even the character of the nation. The self--reliance, Individual freedom, equal competition which are emphasized is different from the concept of individualism in China. Individualism is a western concept, and the origin can be traced back to the period of Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation. In the period of immigration and Westward movement, Individualism was intensified. Although over self--centered canbring negative effect, from the whole historical point of view, there is no big social events which violate the stable situation, thisis because the concept of commitment has been in the heart of Americans for a long time.
Individualism supplied the nation with a rationalization of its characteristic attitudes,behavior patterns and aspirations. It endowed the past, the present and the future with the perspective of unity and progress. It explained the peculiar social and political organization of the nation—unity in spite of heterogeneity and it pointed toward an ideal social organization in harmony with American experience. Above all, individualism expressed as the universalism and idealism most characteristic of the national consciousness. This concept evolved in contradistinction to socialism, the universal and messianic character of which it shared. Individualism, the love of enterprise, and the pride in personal freedom have been deemed by Americans not only their choicest, but their peculiar and exclusive possession. Individualism, the love of enterprise, and the pride in personal freedom have been deemed by Americans not only their choicest, but their peculiar and exclusive possession.
Individualism is perhaps the primary concept that, transcending such categories as race, gender, class, age and region, unites Americans across time and space to give coherence to the national experience. From the earliest beginnings of the republic to the post-modernist present, the rights of the individual citizen and his or her place in the scheme of things has been of primary importance to American philosophers, artists, political theorists, theologians and others concerned with articulating national values and principles. Communitarian ideas rise from time to time to challenge individualism, but none have yet been successful in seriously weakening its hold on American culture. Incorporated into American "common-sense thinking," the Philosophy of individualism becomes in the popular mind the very essence of what being an American means. In this course we will examine with a critical eye the philosophical basis and social consequences of the primacy of the individual in American intellectual, legal, and political traditions.
There are five parts of this paper. The first part is the brief introduction of the paper, mainly introduce the important position of American Individualism in American. The second part summarize the Individualism, including origin, development, evolvement and the development fundemental. The third part is the most vital one, in this chapter, this paper talk about the performance of American Individualism in various areas. The fourth part is the evaluation of Individualism and the conclusion of the whole paper.


II On the Term——American Individualism

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