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关于美国西进运动的浅析The Significance of American Western Movement

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关键词:Westward Movementnational characterpioneerIndian culture


The Significance of American Western Movement 



Abstract:American Westward Movement in 19th century, in fact, is a large-scale advancement of American economy exploitation and a territorial expansion. It plays a vital role in the formation, the development and the present situation of the United States of America. Particularly, Westward Movement has seeped into this young nationality on its cultural influence. To answer these questions this thesis mainly analyzes American Westward Movement from a historical angle to help us to recognize American culture and history. For this purpose, this thesis discusses Westward Movement’s influences on American economy, its national characteristic and the formation of its values. Also, the writer reflects its dark side in the thesis.


Key Words:Westward Movement; national character; pioneer; Indian culture


I. Introduction
American Westward Movement in the 19th century was the process of economy exploitation and territory expansion waged by the Americans from Appalachian Mountains to the west from the end of 18th century to the end of 19th century. It lasted about one hundred years, and American territory was expanded from the 13 colonies at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Independence War to the vast area-the shore of the Pacific Ocean. This movement was a space and time-spanning, large-scale, and far-reaching social migrant. “Till now, to a certain extent, the history of America can be said that it is a history of colonizing.” The first period of Westward Movement was from the American War of Independence to the period of the Civil War. During this period, it mainly developed agriculture. The west land was very important for USA after its independence. But for Westward Movement, there would be no today’s America.
By expanding the nation’s borders to include more than three million square miles, the United States became one of the most powerful nations of the 20th century. Firstly, capitalistic agriculture grew up, and then animal husbandry, commerce, mining, and industry were following up. At last, it existed a situation in which agriculture and animal husbandry developed at the same time, industry and agriculture promoted each other, transportation and commerce trade progressed overall.
 However, this expansion also resulted in great suffering, destruction, and cultural loss for the Native Americans of North America. Is Westward Movement barbaric or civilized? The answer is not absolute. Karl Max materialism holds that every thing has two sides. We should make a concrete and historical analysis. In Westward Movement, we speak of not only its civilization but its barbarity. Under the whites’ bullet and natural acute disease, those survival Indian tribes have suffered so-called genocide and culture extinction. The two opposite and related sides of Westward Movement are composed of the main melody of the development of America in 19th century.


II. The Significance of American Westward Movement
As the first independent capitalism country of the mainland of America, the birth of the new USA symbolized the tremendous leap in American history. Newly independent America drew on the policy of western aggrandizement. On one hand, thousands upon thousand immigrants moved from east to west. On the other hand, the whole country changed from an agriculture country to an industrial country. Finally论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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