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商业性推广网站设计原则Commercial promotion website design principles

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Commercial Web sites are not designed to promote the full sense of the commercial sites , nor is the company's Web site. So sex can not be too strong a business , it will be the consumer disgust. Products and services use the neutral point of view to do it. Therefore, the purpose of the site must be explicitly designed and user needs , in order to make feasible the design plan. According to consumer demand, market conditions such as comprehensive analysis . The current pace of life is very fast, the average consumer and not too much time to study the merchandise they need the merits of the case , and through advertising and other mainstream media to understand some situations but one must have distorted side. EXTENDED site is to help consumers for product selection, to make the best assessment provides consumers.


EXTENDED site's content is the core. About a few years ago , such as an advertising site ( Site is not intended to advertise a business to protect its corporate image ) booklet Worse , the site uses a lot of pictures , it seems to be a few century before downloading . Nothing more than take a long time to download pages Worse it. As an experience , a standard web page should be less than 60K, 56K modem through spend 30 seconds to load . Some designers say pages should load within 15 seconds .


Web frameworks such sites can not be too complicated, we have mentioned earlier the consumer does not have so much time to understand the site's overall situation, they are only interested in the latest information and recommendations , so the home page title should be eye-catching, the fastest the guide consumers into the topic.

Many designers put their website map on the site, this practice , but it is more harm than good . The vast majority of visitors to the Internet are looking for some special information, they for your site is how it works , and no interest. If you feel that your website needs to map , it is likely to need to improve your navigation and toolbar .

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression . In web design , according to the harmonious , balanced and focused principles , the different colors combinations. Mix to form a beautiful page. According to the psychological impact of color on people , rational use of them . In the use of color , you should also pay attention to a problem: Since the state and race. Different religions and beliefs , and living location . Literate differences , different likes and dislikes of people of color have a great degree of difference . To be considered in the design of the main readership background and composition.

Specifically, the background color selection is not appropriate, may make it difficult to read web pages . For example: When you insist on using a white background , your text and background should be anti-color ( black ) , and also should stick with generic font .

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