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project finance Assignment details and guidelines

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project finance assignment details and guidelines


These assignments are is worth a total of 100% of your 15 credit course.
Project mandate: Olympford Borough Council (a deprived London Borough population est. 250,000) wants to invest in a new local leisure facility. Planning permission for the site was granted on 1 Jan 2010 for an old brown field site near the Thames. However, due to the recession and cuts in public spending, the council fears it cannot fund the whole cost of the project and is looking to you to find a proportion of the extra funds required (e.g. grants, private funding and sponsorship etc). You are required to submit a project brief outlining your chosen leisure facility project, a presentation to the council committee and finally a business case. You will be bidding against other businesses for the contract and will need to submit a competitive case.
This project is in recognition of the Department of Health’s initiative: Be active, be healthy: a plan for getting the nation moving. This Plan sets out the Government’s framework for the delivery of physical activity for adults, alongside sport and based upon local needs, with particular emphasis upon the physical activity legacy of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The local newspaper recently reported on the project and in a interview with the Chair, she suggested that the council would be looking more favourably for innovative ideas for the leisure facility, to the normal/traditional fitness club which are usually considered dull and intimidating. The facility should also target those most at risk and have an excellent return on investment.
The opening ceremony is booked with Sebastian Coe on 31 December 2011 as part of the London 2012 local celebrations.


Business Case
Individually you will need to write the Business Case, which must meet strict council standards:
You must use the Business Case Format as provided by the Olympford Borough Council Programme Office. Format includes:
o Executive summary which summaries the main sections in 1 page:
Preferred Option
Investment Summary
o Introduction
o Strategic Fit
o Reasons
o Options
o Benefits Expected
o Risks
o Timescales
o Costs
o Investment Appraisal
o Sources of Funding
o Overall Evaluation
o Appendix A – Spreadsheet of costs and benefits – NB excluded from word count
o Appendix B – Sources of information (References) – NB excluded from word count
Between 3,000-3,500 words
It must be submitted by Friday

1.专业科目Subject 题目:课程名:project finance论文题目:见附件作业要求
2. 您的所属专业: finance
3. 学校名称University name: university of Sheffield
4. 学校所在国家: 英国
6. 是否需要数据处理(比如用到spss,eview,或者sata数据工具,通常金融,会计,教育类用到,如果有原始数据包,请务必提供,如果没有,请注明)
7.学术级别Study level(Bachelor -Master-PhD): master
8. 您想拿到作业的日期Deadline ( 注:我们一般都在晚上时间交给作业): 4月12
9. 学校要求的Assignment due due
10.作业格式(Essay or Report):见附件作业要求
11.需要几个References :随意,但你在哪里找到的数据一定要有reference, 格式 APA
12.References Style(APA –Harvard-Chicago-Others):APA
课堂上我们对这个case做过个简短的演讲,2个ppt在附件里可以参考,但仅是参考,因为只是课堂上临时做的,没有覆盖作业的要求. 作业要求在附件里,请仔细读,所有点都要写到,否则肯定扣分,因为老师会一个个点核对. 有不明白的写之前问我,避免交稿后再改.谢谢!


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