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Business Finance [4]

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关键词:Business Finance

ximately $400,000 is reasonably expected. Once it is fully functional, half of the number of employees in the final inspection and the complaint department will be laid off (in which case the same redundancy payout will apply) while the rest of other employees will be required to take one-hour training, costing the company around $5,000 of lost working hours. In return, this advanced technology will reduce the cost of sale allowances by 80%, also lower the number of units being rejected on the final inspection and the number of units being returned by customers by 50% and 60% respectively. Not only better quality is obtained, it is also expected that production savings (reducing direct material and labour cost per unit of product) will constitute for an increase in profit margin from 10% to 14%. In addition, improved efficiency through automated production can reduce working capital requirement from 15% to 10% of sales. By delivering better quality, the report suggests this may give the company a competitive edge and increase its sales volume by 5%.
To assist decision making, she also gathers the following information of the quality costs currently being incurred. The company employs six full-time employees in the complaints department, each earning $40,000 a year. Also, six inspectors are employed to inspect final products, each earning an annual salary of $35,000. At last year’s sale revenues of $8 million the company gave sales allowances totalling $300,000 due to
Business Finance 2 – Assignment 2010 (Semester 1)
Page 4
substandard products being sent to customers. During the year, customers returned 10,000 units needing repair. This accounted for 2% of sales volume while repair cost averages $20 per unit. Also, approximately 20,000 units were rejected on final inspection and needed rework. The cost of rework is $10 per unit. These figures are expected to grow in line with sales. In a financial report presented to the Board early this year, it won’t expect any sales improvement in the next two years, though there is 本Assignment代写Assignmentwww.51lunwen.org提供a very good chance that sales will regain a growth rate of 8% pa thereafter. The tax rate applicable to GM is 30% while the company cost of capital is 15%. The inflation rate is currently 4% and expected to remain at this level for the next 10 years.
You have been asked to advise the Board which one of these proposals should be adopted using NPV analysis. In addition you need to provide some sensitivity analysis using the numbers that could be questioned by the Board. This time, the main concern is that the expectation of the sale improvement in the second approach would turns out to be optimistic. You believe there would be a 20% chance that sales growth will go up by 20% and a 30% chance that they will be 20% lower. Salvage value of the new system in the second proposal may also be 20% lower (40% chance) or 20% higher (10% chance).
Case 3 (worth 10 marks)
Larissa Gerhardt is the financial manager of East Coast Yachts. She has been talking with the company's directors about the future of the company. To this point, the company has used outside suppliers for various key components of the company's yachts, including engines. Larissa has decided that East Coast Yachts should consider the purchase of an engine manufacturer to allow East Coast Yachts to better integrate its supply chain and get more control over engine features. After investigating several possible companies, Lariss论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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