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A Proposal for Corporate Social Responsibility Project-企业树立社会责任的项目

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关键词:Corporate Social Responsibility企业社会责任Boyang Knitting博洋纺织textile industry

摘要:In general, this project will be conducted with a aim of achieving environmental sustainability, which is such a crucial goal of MDGs. 一般情况下,该项目将实现环境可持续性,这是为实现千年发展目标而进行的。

A Proposal for Corporate Social Responsibility Project


- A Case Study of Shaoxing City Boyang Knitting co.,ltd.


1.Background/External Community Investment Challenge


With the accelerated transformation of global market conditions, most businesses are increasingly aware of refining strategies to meet their development needs and social goals. Generally, due to the dual challenges from environmental protection required for ecological modernization, as well as industrial modernization that demands more resources and long-term community betterment, Chinese corporations in this new era should take this progress into strategic considerations. Referring to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there is one goal this paper will focus on: the environmental sustainability.


In this case, competition within Chinese textile industry has also been more fierce recently. This leads to a great challenge for Shaoxing City Boyang Knitting Company to maintain its competitive advantages. Additionally, most companies have realized that if they disregard environmental issues and continually promote the traditionally production model that will highly relies on energy consumption and cheap labour force, they cannot meet the challenge. In consequence, the company should be committed to meliorate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance by emphasizing on environmental modernization and sustainability.


2.Project Plan


As China has been going through the planned economic system to the market economic development, the labour market was also experiencing a rapid transition. In order to be ready for the challenge, this project will be proposed for expanding awareness of best experience and practice sharing on CSR within the company.
2.1 Goals
Major goals of this project can be summarized as follows:
l Productivity and high quality gains;
l Cost reduction;
l Reduced usage of natural resources;
l Sustainable use of biological diversity;
l Energy efficiency;
l CSR agreement;
l Long-term environmental sustainable development.
2.2 Synergy With Business Activities
Activities included in this project are not only a face to face communication that may promote employees a sense of environmental consciousness, but also a series of business activities associated with CSR enhancement. The project contents including planting, reducing routine work trash, donating to World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) as well exploiting environmental friendly cloth material production mode.
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