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牛津蓝天论坛高科技术投资者的活动:The Relative Appeal of Oxford for Blue Sky Forum High-Technology Investor Events

论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:硕士毕业论文 dissertation登出时间:2010-12-13编辑:anterran点击率:15818

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关键词:Business StudiesDissertationInvestor

BA (Hons) Business Studies with Finance
“The Relative Appeal of Oxford for Blue Sky Forum High-Technology Investor Events.”

英国留学生论文 http://www.51lunwen.org/uk/
declare that this report is my own original work and that no part of it has beensubmitted to any other institute of learning in support of an application for anotheraward. The opinions expressed in the report are put forward in a personal capacity anddo not represent those of the University of Brighton Business School or any organisationwith which the author may be associated.
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Leo Buncombe
Executive Summary
This dissertation is focused on solving the need of Blue Sky Forum to find new areasin which to hold its specialist events. This is due to the lack of investor activity andinterest in high-technology companies in Cambridge (where Blue Sky Forumisbased). In order to do this new locations were investigated in terms of relativeinvestor attractiveness, with the hope that an alternative location would be found that
has sufficient funding resources and an event would be both appealing and useful toinvestors and high-technology companies. The locations investigated were Oxford asa potential alternative location and London as a control measure.Using qualitative surveys of investors and quantitative surveys of high-technologycompanies in these three locations it was found that Oxford does indeed have thepotential for an appealing and useful event. With the various opinions gathered overthe summer of 2003 it is shown that there is an excellent track record of investment inOxford, the level of support offered is such that Blue Sky Forum would make apositive impact there and the optimism for the future is greater than both Cambridgeand London. The course of action this dissertation suggests is that Blue Sky Forumconducts preparatory research and promotion for an Oxford Life Sciences event andultimately holds this in the near future.Leo Buncombe
Working with Blue Sky Forum in Cambridge offers me a singular opportunity tostudy the relative investor attractiveness of Cambridge, Oxford and London brands.Resources available to me include its wide range of contacts in the academic andcommercial sectors and the Venture Capitalist industry, large amount of resourcescovering past contact and presentations from high-technology companies. Alsoavailable to me is a senior management member of the University of Cambridge
Enterprise, working on the development of early phase high-technology companies inCambridge. These resources available to me plus the contacts in the industry I talk toregularly offer me a privileged position from which to study these brand values.Appreciation for outstanding assistance also goes to:Chris Smart, IDG Ventures UK
Mark Shee, Director of Blue Sky Forum
Michael Orme, Director of Blue Sky Forum
Shirley Jamieson, Director of Blue Sky Forum
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