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GRE外语考试经典试题7 [4]

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  (E) It disproves the theory that terrestrial weather and solar activitv are linked in some way.
  21. Tt can be inferred from the passage that the argu- ment in favor of the model described in lines 37- 45 would be strengthened if which of the following were found ta he tme?
  (A) Episodes of intense volcanic eruptions in the distant past occurred in cycles having very long periodicities.
  (B) At the present time the global level of thunder- storm activity increases and decreases in cycles with periodicities of approximately 11 years.
  (C) In the distant past cyclical climatic changes had periodicities of longer than 200 years.
  (D) In the last century the length of the sunspot cycle has been known to vary by as much as 2 years from its average periodicity of 11 years.
  (E) Hundreds of millions of years ago, solar- activity cycles displayed the same periodicities as do present-day solap-activity cycles. 22. lt can be inferred from the passage that Chinese observations of the Sun during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries
  (A) are ambiguous because most sunspots cannot be seen with the naked eye
  (B) probably were made under the same weather conditions as those made in Europe
  (C) are more reliable than European observations . made during this period
  (D) record some sunspot activity during this period
  (E) have been employed by scientists seeking to argue that a change in solar activity occurred during this period.
  23. It can be inferred from the passage that studies attempting to use tree-ring thickness to locate possi- ble links between solar periodicity and terrestrial climate are based on which of the following assump- tions?
  (A) The solar-activity cycle existed in its present form during the time period in which the tree rings erew.
  (B) The biological mechanisms causing tree growth are unaffected by short-term weather pat- terns.
  (C) Average tree-ring thickness varies from species to species.(D) Tree-ring thicknesses reflecr changes in terres- trial climate.
  (E) Both terrestrial climate and the solar-activity cycle randomly af~ct tree-ring thickness. The common belief of some linguists that each language is a perfect vehicle for the thoughts of the nation speaking it is in some ways the exact counterpart of the conviction of the Manchester school of economics that supply and demand will regulate everything for the(5)
  best. Just as economists were blind to the numerous cases in which the law of supply and demand left actual wants unsatisfied, so also many linguists are deaf to those instances in which the very nature of a ianguage calls forth misunderstandings in everyday conversation,(10)
  and in which, consequently, a word has to be modified or defined in order to present the idea intended by the speaker: “He took his stick,no, not John's, but his own.” No language is perfec't, and if we admit this truth,we must also admit that it is not unreasonable to investi-(15)
  gate the relative merits of different languages or of different details in languages. 24. The primary purpose of the passage is to
  (A) analyze an interesting feature of the English language
  (B) refute a belief held by some linguists
  (C) show that economic theory is relevant to linguistic study
  (D) iilustrate the confusion that can result from the improper use of language
  (E) suggest a way in which languages can be made more nearly perfect.论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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