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澳门论文代写范文:萄牙人入居澳门的主要经过及其性质《Portuguese into the ranks of Macao after its properties》

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关键词:PortugalMacaoafter the nature of


Portuguese into the ranks of Macao after its properties


Macao has been China's territory since ancient times, from the mid-16th century, the Portuguese began to visit Macau and gradually settled down. Portuguese to reside in Macao is a gradual complex historical process, to enter Macau from the Portuguese, to the Permanent place of residence of the Portuguese in Macau, and then the Portuguese Rent ranking Macau. For the nature of the Portuguese to reside in Macao, the academic community has always been different opinions, but Chinese academia in recent years has basically reached a consensus: Macau is not a Portuguese colony, the Portuguese settled only by way of lease to the Chinese government to Macau.


【Key words】

Portugal, Macao, after the nature of


[Text] Portuguese to reside in Macao mainly through
1, the Portuguese to enter Macau
The beginning of the 15th century, due to the surge of the domestic population and the scarcity of gold caused by the various contradictions of the domestic high degree of intensification of Portugal is facing serious social unrest. At this point, because of the scarcity of internal resources of the Portuguese were powerful in Spain blocked the outward expansion of the path, had begun to seek the development of the sea. In 1511, the Portuguese captured Malacca, the Portuguese established maritime superiority in the East of great importance. 1514 Ching Ming nine years, the Portuguese first appeared in China, Guangdong Pearl River estuary, Tuen Mun trade. 1519, west of Mount led the Portuguese to Chinese to take violent means for colonial plunder, and cruelty of the Chinese people, and thus aroused the resentment of the Chinese people. In 1521, Guangdong patrol sea lanes Fushi WANG Hong shuaibing attack Pu military Pu military casualties, and finally had to abandon part of the vessel, only to take the three ship absconded to take advantage of the night, which is the famous Battle of Tuen Mun. Portuguese army defeated the following year, China Xinhui Sai Tso Wan area in the future China. Since then, the Portuguese in Zhejiang shuangyu Harbour for large-scale smuggling, the Zhejiang Provincial Governor Zhu Wan ordered to attack shuangyu once again hit the Portuguese in Hong Kong. After Battle of Tuen Mun, West Tso Wan shuangyu, Hong Kong, the Portuguese deeply the use of force can not obtain a foothold in China's coastal areas.
1553 Jiajing 32 years, the Portuguese merchant entering Macao waters and landed in Macau. About the origin of the Portuguese to reside in Macao, the historical multi-record, including a request landing drying wet goods by storm is the Portuguese Hydrographic Fushi Wang Bo accepted bribes from the Portuguese landed in Macau. About the Ming Dynasty Wanli Guo non-Guangdong Annals, also reads: "Jiajing 32 years, ship razed trend Ho mirror, boat prop words touch Fengtao seam split, wet tribute, willing borrowed drying only. Hydrographic the Fushi Wang Bo OK, many have suggested bribes promised canopy tired dozens of the Industrial and Commercial Mu traitor Lee who, before getting shipped brick, wood and stone house, if the settlement is contingent. naturally Zhu Macau all waste, Ho mirror alone for ship Tau men. "①
Jin Guoping historian seriously research suggests another point of view, is also acceptable to most people. The Portuguese and Chinese pirates colluded with rampant looting in t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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