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When you look around in Chinese neighborhoods, you will find it very common that parents make decisions for their kids and they never get tired of it. However, some people claim that in many ways, young people today are actually in a better position to hold life in their own hands and make smart decisions by themselves compared to those in the past. I agree that/ I am in agreement with this statement for the below reasons. 

First of all, parents today actually show more respect for their children’s opinion while in the past, parents were more authoritative that they decided for their children in various aspects, such as marriage and job. A case in point is the freedom that children have to choose their own spouse. In contrast, young people in the past seldom have freedom in decision making as their parents were not as open-minded as parents today. 

In the second place, due to the development of information technology and the information explosion, young people today have absolute advantage over those in the past in terms of making informed decision on the basis of abundant information obtained via various access. As a result, they become more independent in making decision by themselves. Compared to young people today, those in the past since they did not have sufficient resources of information, had to rely on their parents’ experience and opinions to make decisions. 

Lastly, the education today put more emphasis on honingyoung people’s independent and critical thinking, problem-coping skills and other skills than the education did in the past, when young people were taught to only care about exams. Moreover, high school or university today provide more chances for students to try different things, which makes it easier for young people to know about themselves and make decision for themselves, for example, what they should set as career goals. In the past, young people seldom have chances to know what they should choose. 

In conclusion, due to more open-minded parents, more abundant information available and more advanced education, young people today are so empowered that they can make decisions for themselves more independently than those in the past.

In conclusion, due to the above reasons, I think correcting teachers’ mistakes after class is the best way to ensure the teaching or learning plans, good relationships between students and teachers, and the correct knowledge being delivered in class. 


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