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Government engineering quality:政府工程质量监督面临的新形势

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According to the State Ministry of Construction and the relevant laws, regulations and policies, in line with simple, scientific and practical principles of behavior of market players to develop construction standards of integrity, focusing on evaluation of enterprises engaged in construction activities and practitioners of the faith conduct. Combined with government regulation and law enforcement needs, the market players in the implementation of statutory construction procedures, bidding transaction, contract performance, the owners money payment, quality management, materials used and other aspects of integrity standards for refinement. Practitioners on the building, in accordance with its mandate to establish credibility conduct evaluation criteria. Play a penalizing effect. Bad behavior of the existing public system is established based on a more comprehensive and effective penalizing mechanism. Sound business and professional technical management personnel credit file information systems, the development of market integrity and the use of information management approaches, with related departments to take social, administrative, economic, legal and other comprehensive measures against them, credit constraints, and effectively play the role of penalizing mechanism. Actively promote the integrity of information systems with other regional interoperability and continuity of work, the establishment of cross-sectoral regional penalizing the joint coordination mechanism. There are dishonest behavior on corporate and personnel, the use of law announced administrative penalties, economic sanctions and other measures, must be resolutely cleared particularly bad construction market to improve their bad credit costs.


Improve the security supporting laws and regulations. Timely development and release engineering Guarantee supporting regulations and implementing rules. Implementation of the activities program explicitly guarantees, warranties proportion warranty period, warranty rates, responsibilities defined, claims procedures, debt compensation, market regulation and other content, regulate the construction engineering guarantees assurance activities. Expand the scope of the pilot, to better guide and promote the Project Guarantee work, and gradually establish an effective transfer and engineering risk aversion, as well as to solve the problem of project payment arrears long-term mechanism. Cultivation project risk protection market. Strengthen cooperation with the Banking, OCI sectoral cooperation and coordination, integration of their respective strengths and resources, and actively support the development potential of the project guarantees and insurance business growth. Promote the project guarantees practitioners qualification examination work, and gradually improve the professional competence of employees and business qualities, a standardized engineering guarantor market. Project Risk Management actively cultivate the market intermediaries, intermediary organizations play a role in reducing both supply and demand due to information asymmetry and high transaction costs caused by the operation of the market inefficiencies.
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