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Music Essay-雷·查尔斯的生活和工作

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关键词:Ray Charles生活工作音乐


Music essay-雷·查尔斯的生活和工作

Life And Work Of Ray Charles 


名人。因此,在他17岁的时候,他就已经在小地方音乐会演奏,攒了一些钱,为了搬到华盛顿的西雅图。在那里,他开始了马克西姆的三重奏,和下来敲击唱片公司签约了。在1949年的春天,他们录制了流行一时的歌曲'Confessin' Blues'。在接下来的16年期间,雷·查尔斯既发现了他自己,又在制作好的音乐,但是同时又和成瘾的海洛因进行斗争。


Ray Charles was born as Ray Charles Robinson on September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia and from the age of 17 he blessed us all with his gift of music for well over half a century. As one of the most influential musician to date, he blended together music from so many genres that never seemed to go together. He crossed genres of R&B, soul, rock and roll, blues, jazz, country and western, pop and gospel in a way that no other artist can claim to have achieved. This essay will attempt to take a stroll through the life of Brother Ray, aka The Genius and discover a number of his songs.

Although Ray was born in Georgia and lived most of his youth in Florida, he knew that all the big names in music were in big cities, and so at the young age of 17 he already saved up some money from playing in small local gigs to move to Seattle, Washington. It was there that he started the Maxim trio and signed up with Down Beat Records. They recorded the hit song 'Confessin' Blues' in the spring of 1949. During the next 16 years, Ray Charles would both find himself both making great music while at the same time struggling with a heroin addiction.

Over the next 3 years he produces another six singles, but they were all still very much in the softer mellow form of Charles Brown and Nat King Cole. It was at this point when Atlantic Records sees great potential in him and buys his contract from Swing Time Records for $2,500. It's Atlantic Records' intention to help Ray Charles find that something special and did they ever! It was at Atlantic where over the next seven years he recorded numerous hits such as 'Mess Around', 'What'd I say' and the groundbreaking song 'I Got a Woman'.

In 1954, Ray Charles records 'I Got a Woman' which blended gospel music with R&B. This caused a massive display of anger from some people claiming that he was singing devil music and that he was defiling God's music. Even that would not stop Ray and his music, 'I Got a Woman' hit #2 on the charts. This song is commonly thought of as the very first song of the Soul genre with the rhythms and blues and the emotion of gospel blended perfectly together.

Not slowing down at all, Ray Charles makes yet another chart topping song with Atlantic Records called 'Drown in My Own Tears'. However, Ray Charles would not be limited to just R&B and started to add different elements to his songs. In 1957 he recorded 'Swanee River Rock' which establish him as a crossover artist as it was in the Top 40 in both the R&B and Pop charts. Less than two years later he really starts to master his technique and hits the nail on the head with 'What'd I say'. Th论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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