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关键词:玛利亚·安娜·莫札特Maria Anna Mozart音乐和艺术


玛利亚·安娜·莫札特-Maria Anna Mozart



During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, women were not the most dominant in the profession of music and the arts. This will result in fewer women being famous in those times. One, however, was one of the few who broke the cycle of a male dominated course. Her name, Maria Anna Mozart. That's right, Mozart at the time was a very prominent name at the time. Her family consists of at least fifteen not including their own children and other families. Having all the skills and knowledge to become a profound musician, she exceeded expectations and surprised many skeptics, thus proving that men and women are indeed equals.

She was born the 30Th of July 1751 in Salzburg, Austria, during the time of the European reforming age. She knew how to play the harpsichord at a young age and was taken around the Continent for tours with her father, brother and sister. Anna's brother admired her. They might have been the two closest siblings in the family at the time. No one knows what tore them apart, or set distance between them. Both were taught under the guidance of their father, Leopold. She also had talents in the arts, as she could paint some brilliant works of art. However, being a girl, she was, of course was restricted in the use of her talents due to the fact that her parents planned to marry her off. That meant that she had to stay at home. I did, in fact give her a chance to perfect her artwork and work on some music pieces that no one really knows about. The sources say there is evidence that suggests this, but the overbearing father turns a blind eye to whatever it was she was working on. Despite this, she followed her father's wishes and married some rich important German named man named Johann Baptist Franz Von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg where they had three kids together and several that were illegitimate.

All was not well with the family and Anna's children. One dispute of her first born child revealed just some of the complications her and her father had. Anna had traveled home to give birth, but left Junior there so him and his grandfather could spend some time together. In this case, Leopold Sr. wanted to raise Leopold Jr. as his own and would not give Junior up, even before his death. No on e is really sure why this problem arose, or what elements prompted it to occur. In my opinion, one less child to take care of is fine by me. Anna went back home to become a music teacher in her later years, and lived the rest of her days until her death in 1829. She may no have done much, but the recognition of her performance, heart and determination very well could have spurred an outreach on women of the time. Of course these years, things for women here heavily restricted. Now we have some building block of what is to come in the future generations.

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