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西班牙留学生作业代写-西班牙文学的起源与发展-16 (superscript th) century, Spain has begun to decline. In the seventeenth century, Spain in foreign countries still occupy though some territory, but has lost power position. All happening uprising, almost powerless to deal with the government, and the court also keep the etiquette and luxurious overelaborate of life. Autocratic government and through the Catholic church with cruel means to strengthen the reactionary rule, make whole Spain shrouded in dark religious atmosphere. The novel
17 th century Spain literature, tend to be fading, gradually lose the "golden age" flourishing. Catholic reactionary rule that Renaissance humanism in the literature of the content was hit hard, religious thought control all the literary world, noble beautiful sent its. Spanish noble beautiful sent literature is called the Vatican fruit pull pie, founder is luis DE fruit and Oregon (1561-1627). Keegan, write story early fruit poetry and short poems, later published many style slender poetry, such as long poem "lonely" (1613) and "polly the mo and the story of the pull moss and" (1612-1613), they once had a broad impact, form a theory. This theory and despise the people, advocate for "elegant people" writing, works to stack exaggerated rhetoric, full of all kinds of metaphor and difficult solution the words. Its contents are mostly inconstancy of life, will destroy and pessimistic thoughts. The first of the seventeenth century, the Spanish humanism writer was the church persecution, but still adhere to the struggle. Playwright such as Mr Thibault cable DE Murray, (1571? 1648), alar kang (1581-1639) and castro (1569-1631) inherit the traditional dimension plus, based on folk literature and history legend, wrote a large number of works. Mr Thibault cable DE Murray's "sevilla mock person" (1630) for the first time about the hall with huang folklore as subject matter, about a SangJinTianLiang, seduce women's noble young, exposing the nobility evil. Castro's "XiDe youth" (1618) drawn from folk a communal song, describes the Spanish national hero. In prose, KaiWei (1580-1645) achievement is bigger. He is Spain last one of representative of humanism, wrote many of the irony of the prose, has also written a tramp novel type of work "big liar hall palmer Bob Ross Wilkes booth kang's life" (1626). He hated the aristocracy, monks, corrupt officials, alchemists, astrology warlock, etc and social moral corruption phenomenon, cruel to expose. But in the reactionary rule, he could not see the way out, unavoidable also works with pessimistic colour. The seventeenth century Spain is the most important writer dramatist Peter ROM Karl DE RON · Barbara baal card (1600-1681). Calderon was born in Madrid noble family, who had been in Madrid Jesus will college, then to Sarah mann study philosophy and theology to learn more. He early writing plays, 1635 years into the court service, management palace theatre and created a great number of plays, become d to Spain after the most famous playwright. In 1651, he into the padres national, have served as a important position of the church. He wrote 120 of the script, another eighty department oratorio and 20 article play during the intervals. In art skill, he inherited dimension plus tradition, but also exquisite luxuriant sets and costumes, using the words of the exaggerated. He works with medieval theme, a strong Catholic colour. Many play about religious philosophical question, direct publicity negati论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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