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营销渠道和供应链Marketing Channels and Supply Chains

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关键词:营销渠道供应链Marketing ChannelsSupply Chains


1. Amazon.com的物流和供应链管理活动帮助公司创造价值,为它的消费者是可以大致描述为快速,方便,低成本系统。它的牢度帮助消费者节省时间,这是在这个快节奏的时间更宝贵。现在人们生活相当忙碌的生活;他们处理日常生活中节省时间的方式。首先,上述的两个牢度可与传统购物方式相比,节省更多的时间,因为他们并不需要采取了宝贵的换乘公交或驾车之外的购物商场。只有点击他们的电脑或手机或其他电子设备的一些按钮后,他们能够做他们的购物速度非常快。其次,两者的便利提高他们购物的效率,他们并不需要看很难有什么想在商场百货巨头购买回国,疲惫和厌倦。随着公司的两个系统,他们能够在任何时间,任何他们想要的地方几乎做他们的购物,比如,他们可以临睡前,它是极大的方便做它在他们的床上。第三,大多数商品销售在互联网上以较低的价格,这可以帮助消费者省钱出售。1. Amazon.com’s logistics and supply chain management activities helping the company create value for itsconsumers are systems that can be generally described as fast, convenient, and low-cost. Its fastness helps the consumers to save time, which is more precious in this fast-paced time. People nowadays are living quite a busy life; they have to handle their everyday life in a time-saving way. First, the fastness of the two stated above can save much more time compared with the traditional way of shopping, because they do not need to take their precious take bus or drive outside to the shopping mall. Onlyafter clicking some buttonsof theircomputers ormobile phones or other electronics, they are able to do their shopping very fast. Second ,the convenience of the two improve the efficiency of their shopping, they don’t need to look hard for what want to buy in the giant department mall and return home ,exhausted and tired. With the two systems of the company, they are able to do their shopping nearly at any time and any place they want, for example, they can do it in their bed before going to sleep, which is of great convenience. Third, most of the goods selling on the internet are sold at a lower price, which can help consumers to save money.

2. Amazon is using software to more accurately forecast purchasing patterns by region, which allows it to provide its suppliers with better information about delivery dates and volumes, which helped improve the flow of products from suppliers to amazon distribution centers. In the meanwhile, amazon has also been dedicated to improving the part of the process that sorts the products into individual orders. According to amazon’s senior vice president of o operation,amazon has spent the whole year focused on increasing productivity.The speed which telecommunications networks permit them to pass information back and forth has enabled them to doo the real time work faster. In the past ,it would have taken too long to get this many items through a system ,however once the order is in the new system, computers ensure that all items are included in the box before it is taped and labeled, which improved the flow of the orders from the distribution centers to consumers.

3. The logistics and supply chain management activities of amazon.com have provided amazon with a cost-efficient distribution system, which combines automation and communication technology with superior customer service, so they will play an imported role in thefuture success of amazon .com 

As for the modern business, it is of great significance that the service the business provides for people in modern time adapts to the characteristics of the current society. And as the world is developing at a very fast pace and the life quality is improving  obviously ,modern people usually choose the service that can help them keep pace with the development and they think highly of the quality of service they deserve. For business leaders, they should be well aware of the features of modern society an论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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