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Co-operative Education:Demonstrates understanding of all issues Provides answers Used specific examples Manageable and realistic Relevant theory identified Comments [6]

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关键词:Co-operative EducationLearning FrameworkMarking Criteriarealistic Relevant theory

port your analysis of the tasks you are undertaking in your Co-op Placement
2.1 Identifying and understanding the tasks you undertake and the attributes that are required to complete these tasks successfully
i What tasks and other work related activities do you expect to be undertaking in your Co-op Placement and what theories, concepts, models, frameworks and/or technical competencies do you expect to use?
(Refer to page 4 in your Co-op Proposal to get you started.  Your job description, if you have been given one, will set this out in detail and should be attached as an appendix)
Tasks and other work related activities
(add more rows as required)  List relevant theories, concepts, models, frameworks and/or technical competencies and include the source of the material you have used?
(Author, Date in APA style)
(Please ensure that you have used authoritative sources and have included the full reference in your Reference List)
• International trade • Term of trade, Economic trade policy (Krugman, Paul & M 2007)
• Data reach and analyse   • 
• MacroEconomics • Macroeconomics Environment (Nellis, J. & Parker, D 2005)
• Managerial Economics and Organisations • Models of human Behaviour and economic Systems(Brickley, J. A., C. W. Jr. Smith &J. L 2007)
Comment on the value added of each of your tasks might add to your Employer Organisation:
•  I’m a non payable employee. Have me hare can make me work without pay . So I can reduce the cost for the organisation and increase the benefit.
• Economics and Finance was my Major in AUT University. I can apply this knowledge in my workplace. And because of my double major. They can offer me the work both relate to Economics or Finance. It is valuable to have me rather than hire two people with two different knowledge backgrounds.
• I was studying in New Zealand for a few years which mean I know more information on the culture between oriental and western.
• I am capable of English language speaking; it will certainly help in some ways.

ii What particular attributes (i.e. personal characteristics such as enthusiasm, flexibility, adaptability) do you perceive might contribute to your ability to complete these tasks successfully and comment briefly on why you think they are important? 
(add more rows as required) Comments
flexibility I am an easy going person who deals with relationship well
enthusiasm I always have passion to learn new things and challenging.

2.2 Developing insights into how your Co-op Placement might contribute to your long term career planning and development
How will your role in your Co-op Placement (including tasks and activities) and your awareness of your attributes contribute to your career development?
By joining in this course, this enables me to get familiar with the working environment, the real society, not just books and theories any more. Life is made up by experiences; the workplace will show me an image of the real society. Helping me to develop in my career in the future . 

Co-op Learning Dimension #3:  Developing an awareness of complexity and interrelationships within organisations and how these are managed by your Employer Organ论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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