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Task-based Language Teaching Approach and English Drama Performance on English learning [4]

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关键词:Task-based language teachingEnglish drama performanceroles


y the plots or proofread the wrong pronunciations. The teacher only guided the students in some places, giving her appropriate advice. This step motivated students to demonstrate their “group wisdom” through in-depth studies and cultivated the students’ ability of learning autonomy, searching for information and processing the information. This thoroughly changed the traditional learning way in which the students just received knowledge.
In the process of performing, the students could not wait to show their talents. During the performance, they showed their understanding of the characters, plots and feelings and successfully acted the classics out in their own ways. For example, the students who played Titanic chose the last plot in which Jack and Rose said goodbye to each other. The students gave the story a new interpretation. When Jack was about to fall down deep into the water, Rose grasped his hand and said “you jump, I jump! Never leave me alone. I won’t let you feel lonely.” After that, Rose sank into the water along with Jack. The theme music of the movie sounded and flied out two butterflies. Obviously, the students were inspired by Chinese story Butterfly Lovers and changed the plots. When the group performed the story Journey to the West, the students could not find the original English version, so they managed to translate the story into an English comedy with bold attempt and creativity. When Tang Seng and the queen of the country of women were singing “I am right here waiting for you…”, the enchantress broke in and sang at the top of her voice, “Only you can be my fairy, only you can be my food…”Through performance, the students had an emotional perception of English and they could freely drive language in the imaginary plots.
When evaluating the performance, the teacher inspired all the students gave their own opinions and chose the best performance. Later, the teacher made a conclusion, addressed the defects and issued the award. This step achieved two goals: first, to develop the students’ oral ability and identification ability; second, to inspire the students’ sense of participation and improve their ability of appreciation.
From above, we can see English drama performance gives the students strong impact. On the one hand, it stimulates the students’ motivation. Because the drama performance is a kind of activity of communication, so students have interest in participating in it. On the other hand, it is an activity which integrates a variety of language skills. In the specific scene, the students can naturally practice skills of listening, speaking and thus writing.
Ⅴ. Conclusion
Art of drama is an integrated one showed at the stage. It molds the characters and reflects the real life by different art means. Because of its intuitive and comprehensive features, the students can experience it themselves by performing it. Although drama performance makes much demanding for time and space, it is accepted as an effective way of teaching method because of its striking effects on the students’ English learning. On such occasion, the teacher’s guidance played an important role to redirect their attention to the drama, language and appropriate ways. A teacher’s attitude is most probably one of the most important factors in performance. The students need to be praised and motivated for good performance and the teachers should carefully examine and analyze the errors.
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