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浅析广告英语中的修辞Analysis to the Rhetoric inAdvertising English

论文作者:佚名论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2009-04-10编辑:刘宝玲点击率:30273

论文字数:26000论文编号:org200904101311101377语种:中文论文 Chinese地区:中国价格:免费论文

关键词:Advertising Englishrhetoricphonationvocabularysyntax广告英语修辞音韵词义结构

Abstract Nowadays, we are endlessly bombarded with all kinds of advertisements through various media such as magazine, newspaper, TV, radio, poster and internet, etc. Advertisement takes an important part in modern life, with its special magic power, prompting social and economic development. In import and export business, advertisements play more and more important role. The most frequently used rhetoric devices are: personification, figures of speech, pun, parallelism, rhyming and so on. The application of these rhetoric devices can make products or services lively, interesting, visualized, and lifelike, also endow the advertising English with the beauty of rhythm and English language. Personification makes products lively and lifelike; figures of speech make products brilliant on their features; parallelism makes language tone more strong; rhyming makes language finger-popping. Rhetoric devices can bring advertising a good effect and make readers impressive on both products and language if it's used properly. This paper mainly talks about rhetoric features of advertising English from three aspects: phonation, vocabulary and syntax. 摘 要 当今,广告以各种媒体如杂志、报纸、电视、广播、海报、因特网等多种形式不断地出现在我们日常生活中。广告作为现代生活的重要组成部分,以它的独特魅力,对社会经济的发展起着推动作用,在商品进出口中,充当着越来越重要的角色。广告英语中频繁使用的修辞手法有:拟人、比喻、双关、排比、押韵等。这些修辞手法的运用能使英语广告中的产品或服务生动有趣、形象传神,同时赋予广告语言美、音律美。例拟人使产品形象生动;比喻使产品特点鲜明;排比使语言增强语势;押韵使语言富有节奏感等。不管是给产品还是给语言本身,修辞手法在广告英语中合理运用都能给广告带来良好的效果,继而给读者留下深刻印象。本篇论文主要从音韵、词义、结构三方面讨论分析广告英语中的修辞特点。 Introduction Advertising English is not a simple commercial term but a kind of encouraging language with artic charm by using all kinds of lingual skills. The word “advertise” derives from Latin word: advertere, which refers to a means of calling people’s attention to something and induce people to a certain directions(Wang Yanxi,2004). At present, although advertising explanations from different countries’ scholars are different in the literal, they are largely identical but with minor differences. With the rapid development of economy, the competition among the competitors becomes more and more fierce. In order to make their commodity enter into the international markets, merchants divert their attention to advertising English. Advertisements are noticed by more and more people as the child of commodity economy. The advertisements use the simplest and clearest words to express complicated meanings. The main function of English advertisements is to propagate the information of the products in order to excite people's purchase desire. Advertising English, as a kind of application language, has been apart from the normal English and has developed to a substandard special language because of its special use. Advertising English is different from normal English in structure and rhetoric, and it will change with the development of advertising, science and technology. In order to make the advertisements more attractively, the designers often create their advertisements by using rhetoric, which makes the advertisement more chic, vivid and attractive. Artistic effect produced by using rhetoric in advertisements gives people enjoyment of beauty, which makes customers accept goods information in the delight atmosphere; at the same time, advertisements achieve their commercial purposes. I. Value of Advertisements The purpose of advertisements is to arouse customers’ action or the desire of buying goods. So, as a successful advertisement sentence, four features should be incarnated: 1. A论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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