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      Chapter 1 Introduction引言

  作为一个重要的修辞手法,夸张是吸引各种来自不同领域的关注。这些研究已经发现其语言本质的认知研究很少触及到了一个阶段的夸张的认可。因此,在实际应用中夸张的认知分析得到的可行性和必要性。Being a significant rhetorical figure, hyperbole is attracting various attentions fromdifferent areas. These studies have led the recognition of hyperbole to a stage ofdiscovering its linguistic essence in which the cognitive research is seldom touched upon.So the cognitive analysis of hyperbole in practical application enjoys feasibility andnecessity. This chapter includes the background, objective, significance and Outline ofhyperbolic study.1.1 Background of the studyIn the developmental process of the progressively flourish of mass media, advertisingis becoming an essential topic in practical study.http://www.51lunwen.org/BusEnglish/  The key issue for advertisers tounderstand is how to attract the intention of the audiences, as well as to arouse theirinterest and desire to buy the particular product. This is called AIDA for short which refersto attention, interest, desire and action. Moreover, with the achievement of successfuladvertisement, commercial advertising, apart from its persuasive function, has enrichedthe contextual cognition and set up models for audiences to catch commercial intensions.All these successful samples have brought unprecedented influence in bothcommunication and interpretation by means of employing various language skills.Correspondingly, advertising language deserves urgent necessity and popularity to bestudied from different aspects. Particularly, it is attracting an increasing number ofscholars in the fields of rhetoric, literary criticism, psychology, anthropology, sociology,and philosophy, which have made great contribution to present studies.Hyperbole is a kind of logical imagination according to objective fact. It exaggeratesthe original expression and particular attribute, so as to express the intense emotion, and tostrengthen the ideal expressive force of language. However, people cannot comprehendthe exaggerated image only by literal meaning which appears to be out of reality.Hyperbolic expression is required to illustrate the reality and to discover the essence of theintrinsic utterance. The study on hyperbole stretches from 1910s till present times. Basedon the opinion of classical rhetoric, hyperbole is ‘a figure or trope of bold exaggeration’(Preminger, 1974: 359). Then functional and pragmatic approaches highlighted itslinguistic character. Norrick (2004: 1728) advocates the pragmatic function of hyperboleas: literally counterfactual and contextually meaningful. Grice (1975: 298) suggestshyperbole is a pragmatic rhetorical phenomenon by means of breaking the maxims ofcooperative principle. Later many linguists make their researches throughmultidisciplinary studies including cognitive psychology, philosophy, semiotics, andhermeneutics.Relevance theory was first proposed by French philosopher Dan Sperber and Britishlinguist Deirdre Wilson in 1986 in their book Communication and Cognition. This theorysuggests that communicator relates his immediate context with relevance in order to makeeffective utterance; audience sets up a series of hypothesis to find the most proper one asoptimal relevance (Wilson & Sperber, 1986/1995: 568). Later, relevance theory is appliedin various fields such as literature, translation, inte论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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