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昆士兰的交通规则Queensland road rule

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:作业 Assignment登出时间:2017-07-24编辑:anne点击率:835

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关键词:昆士兰交通规则Queenslandroad rule

摘要:安全是道路驾驶的首选,对年轻一代和新驾驶的规定应对国家驾驶规则有详细的规定。 此外,驾驶行为可能会对速度,饮酒和大声音乐等方面的道路驾驶事故产生影响。

1.0 Introduction介绍

昆士兰司机的道路规则已经提出了很长时间。 以前的法律文件已于2009年通报。此外,道路安全问题的决策者是昆士兰州政府。
The Queensland road rule for the driver has proposed for a long time. The previous legal document has informed in 2009. In addition, the decision maker for the road safety issues is the Queensland government. 

在大多数高收入国家,涉及伤亡事件的年轻人过多是重大的公共卫生问题。 因此,预防新手司机事故是许多司法管辖区,决策者和研究人员的焦点。 引进毕业驾照后,逐步介绍了间谍新手司机的驾驶特权,大大减少了事故的发生,特别是在夜间乘坐乘客数量等严峻制约的情况下。 新手司机风险行为和风险认知研究对于了解如何改善行动或补充干预措施的发展至关重要。Young overrepresentation of incidents involving casualties is a major public health problem in most high-income countries. Therefore, prevention of accidents of novice drivers is the focus of many jurisdictions, policy makers and researchers. The introduction of the graduated driver license, and gradually introduced the intermittent novice driver's driving privileges, brought a significant reduce accidents, especially in setting up more stringent constraints such as the number of passengers and driving at night. Novice drivers risk behaviors and risk cognitive research is vital to understand how to improve the action or complementary interventions can be developed.

There are a lot of understanding of the influence of the novice driver of dangerous driving, and how it is associated with an increased risk of collapse. Recent studies have confirmed that some dangerous driving behavior is more common in younger than older drivers, especially men. Including high speeding and the excitement of speeding, pay close attention to the vehicle ahead, in violation of traffic rules, don't use your seat belt, cell phone while driving (including text, in risky driving at night, driving an old car, some driving behavior is considered to be at higher risk of young novice driver then in adult driver experience; including counterparts to carry passengers or more passengers and driving under the influence of alcohol, even at low concentrations.

Therefore, the article would like to focus on the policy on the younger generation and newly license driver behaviors to the recommendations. 

2.0 Identify and explain the purpose and basic content of a policy or position statement
3.0 Identify and discuss the relationship between scholarly literature and a specific policy
4.0 Summaries current issues
5.0 Formulate recommendations for decision makers

6.0 Conclusion

In summary, the safety is the first propriety in the road driving so that the regulation on the younger generation and newly driving should have detailed regulations on the state driving rules. In addition, the driving behaviors could have the impact on the accident on the road driving from the respective of the speed, drinking and loud music and others. 

In order to prevent fatigue driving, the driver should get enough sleep (7 to 8 hours of adults), seeking treatment for sleep disorders, avoid drinking alcohol before driving. Even small amounts of alcohol can magnify the driver disorders cause drowsiness. Drivers should realize sleepiness symptoms, make proper response on the road. Sleepiness symptoms include often yawn or flashing, driving difficult to remember the last few miles, lost exports, from lane drift, or hit the downtown. Suggested that the drivers off the road and rest, is until no longer sleepy or change the driver if they experience these论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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