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关键词:社会责任酒店和餐饮组织social responsibilitiesproductivityinternational community




Can social responsibilities effect the productivity of organisations in the Hospitality and catering

Public thinking and opinion are the contents of the crucible from which the social fabric of a community, town, region, nation and international community are borne. The very nature of this arena (social consciousness), is an on-going evolutionary process which is reflective of the era one chooses to examine. Within the European Union legislation in varied areas has been enacted to improve the overall quality of services delivered to the public at large as well as for the benefit of workers. And while the United Kingdom is not a member of this body, the reforms, legislation and policies enacted become known and thus places the government under social pressure to enact changes in response to the overall public welfare.

The progressive foundation of the United Kingdom’s social policies provides a climate whereby the public expects that government stay abreast of new socially oriented developments as they develop and with such progress comes cost. The cost of enacting and overseeing same is borne by either the government, which translates is its people, and or by business.

Sometimes referred to as the “welfare state” the United Kingdom has demonstrated historically demonstrated sensitivity to social issues and reform and this underlying foundation is comprised of three key elements which;

Guarantees a set of minimum standards which includes a minimum income

Provides for social protection

And that services will be carried out in the best possible manner.

The social welfare consciousness in the United Kingdom is extensive in terms of its embracing a broad spectrum of initiatives, thus private enterprises are bound by regulations and laws in keeping with this responsibility as established by the public trust. Those organizations that engage in extensive contact or service to the public and are particularly scrutinized and susceptible to implementation of both required (meaning legalized or regulated social policy mandates) and generally accepted norms of behaviour as well as conduct, and rightly so.

Such public mandates carry with them implementation as well as ongoing maintenance costs which can manifest themselves in wage, compliance, training as well as standards in delivering and providing services. Such is the cost to the government, its populace and businesses to live in an environment which is in keeping with and reflects our modern society. These standards are particularly important when industry directly services the public as the impact of said services is immediate and on a mass scale.

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