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计算机公司的商业计划business plan

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摘要:SGM PC Depot公司的商业计划

business plan


SGM PC Depot是一家提供计算机产品和其他配件的新兴创业公司。它使得企业或者个人能了解最新的技术趋势,并且通过互联网以最容易的方式去把握它。在它的帮助下,你可以在任何时候选购多种多样的计算机,笔记本电脑和其他电脑配件,而且你能24小时联系我们。通过在网上订阅我们的服务器,顾客可以有效的使用我们的产品。

正如任何一个新型创业公司一样,SGM PC Depot公司也意识到了自己的面临的危险。我们是一个新公司,同样的,我们需要去满足市场接受度。为了达到这个目的,公司正着力去判断行业趋势和顾客需求,以及如何最好的解决顾客需求。


Executive Summary    

SGM PC Depot is a start-up company that is designed to offer computer products and other gadgets. SGM PC Depot allows businesses and individuals to be informed of the latest trend in technology and grab it in the most accessible way through the internet. With SGM PC Depot, you can choose and shop a wide variety of computers, laptops, and gadgets at all times and you have 24-hour access to us. Customers can avail our products and our service by subscribing to our server on the internet. 

As with any start-up company, SGM PC Depot recognizes its risks. We are a new company and as such, we will need to meet market acceptance. To that end, the company is working to determine trends in the industry, the needs of the customer, and how best to address the needs of the customer. 

We expect to compete as a thriving computer industry. The computer industry has stable growth in the Philippines today. Laptops are now in demand as they replace the need for personal computers. 

Company Summary 

SGM PC Depot was established in 2009 to provide computer products with features that give users the ability to remain in touch with the latest trend of personal computers, laptops and gadgets. The company was founded by Mr. Groyon, Ms. Salvador and Ms. Mulles. 

I. Mission 

At SGM PC Depot, our mission is to provide an online computer shop that provides individuals with quality and trendy products at affordable prices. 

II. Financial Risks and Contingencies 

The company recognizes that it is subject to both market and industry risks. We believe our risks are as follows, and we are addressing each as indicated. 

• Start-up Company. We face all the risks associated with being a start-up company. We feel that we can overcome these with our experience in the industry and by quickly establishing desired relationships. 
• Security. Security is a major issue, but all products provide security options: payment-on-accounts are password-protected and have specific buyer-only access rights. 

III. Products Description 

Optimum performance, superior technologies and reliable service are the characteristics of our computer product lines. We carry the leading brands of Personal Computers, Laptops & Notebooks loaded with licensed software and Clone Computers using the latest computer technology that comes with 1 year warranty in cash and easy installment packages of up to 1 year, user friendly designs and superb service anytime and anywhere in the Philippines. Our computers can give you an amazing edge in technology. 

Affordable Branded Notebooks 
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