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1.Very few people could understand his lecture because the subject was very __.
A) faint B) obscure C)gloomy D)indefinite
2. Fortune-tellers are good at making statements such as "Your sorrows will change."
A) philosophical B) ambiguous C) literal D) invalid
3.Europe's earlier industrial growth was by the availability of key resources, abundant and cheap labor, coal, iron ore, etc.
A) constrained B) detained C) remained D) sustained
4. Don't let such a matter as this come between us so that we can concentrate on the major issue.
A) trivial B) slight C) partial D) minimal
5. All visitors are requested to with the regulations.
A) comply B) agree C) assist D) consent
6. As visiting scholars, they willingly to the customs of the country they live in.
A)submit B)commit C)conform D)subject
7. Being impatient is with being a good teacher.
A) intrinsic B) ingenious C) incompatible D) inherent
8. Although the colonists to some extent with the Native Americans, the Indians' influence on American culture and language was not extensive.
A) migrated B) matched C) melted D) mingled
9. Since the two countries couldn't their differences, they decided to stop their negotiations.
A) rectify B) oblige C) reconcile D) obscure
10. It is my hope that everyone in this class should __ their errors before it is too late.
A) refute B) rectify C)expel D) exclude
11. Many scientists remain about the value of this research program.
A) skeptical B) stationary C) spacious D)specific【skeptical同义词doubtful;非suspicious】
12. The graduate his failure in job hunting to the lack of work experience.
A) imparted B) granted C) ascribed D) acknowledged
13. The work in the office was by a constant stream of visitors.
A) confused B) hampered C) reversed D) perplexed 【hamper同义词hinder】
14. Others viewed the findings with , noting that cause-effect relationship between passive smoking and cancer remains to be shown.
A)caution B)passion C)optimism D)deliberation
15. When supply exceeds demand for any product, prices are to fall.
A)timely B)liable C)simultaneous D)subject 【liable还有可靠的含义】
16. The person who this type of approach for doing research deserves our praise.
A)generated B)originated C)speculated D)manufactured
【表原创、创新的单词还有original, innovate, innovative】
17. More than 85 percent of French Canada's population speaks French as a mother tongue and _____to the Roman Catholic faith.
A)ascribes B)subscribes C)adheres D)caters 【adhere to同义短语stick to坚持】
18. Many people who revisit China today would notice changes, compared with what they saw a decade ago.
A) cognitive B) rigorous C) conspicuous D) exclusive
19. Parents often faced the between doing what they felt was good for the development of the child and what they could stand by way of undisciplined noise and destructiveness.
A) paradox B) junction C) premise D) dilemma
20. Fiber optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations .
A) homogeneously B) spontaneously C) simultaneously D) ingeniously
21. Excellent films are those which national and cultural barriers.
A) transcend B) traverse C) abolish D)论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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