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“动物不谈判。他们使用暴力或暴力威胁,以及各种形式的“优势”和“显示”来得到他们想要的东西,可能是食物、配偶或领土。他们拥有“红牙血爪”的本能和意图。”[1]。人类会进行谈判,尽管不是所有的人使用这种方法。不同的人对谈判的定义也不同。“我们从别人身上寻找想要的东西,同时别人也从我们这里寻找他想要的东西的这种过程的专业用语就叫做谈判。”[2]由两个或两个以上的当事人所做出的一个共同决定称为谈判。达成共识是谈判的基本思想。使用代理小组,以达成关于信仰、 计划或目标的自然的协议是互动的关键形式”。[3]“谈判是两个人或团体对不同的需求或想法达成共同协议的过程。奥利弗(1996)将谈判描述为“谈判代表共同搜索一个多维空间,然后在空间的一个单点相互同意。“[4] 

The Different Types Of Negotiators Law Essay

“Animals do not negotiate. They use violence or threat of violence, and various forms of ‘dominance’ and ‘display’ to get what they want, be it food, mates or territory. Theirs is a ‘red in tooth and claw’ instinct and intentions.” [1] . Human beings negotiate, though not all of them use this method. Negotiation has been defined by various people. “The process by which by which we search for terms to obtain what we want from somebody who wants something from us is Negotiation.” [2] ‘A joint decision made by two or more parties is referred to as Negotiation. Reaching a consensus is the basic idea behind negotiating. Enabling groups of agents to arrive at a natural agreement regarding a belief, plan or goal, is the key form of interaction’. [3] “Negotiation is the process of two individuals or groups reaching joint agreement about differing needs or ideas. Oliver (1996) described negotiation as 'negotiators jointly searching a multidimensional space and then agreeing to a single point in the space.' [4] ‘According to Fisher and Ury, when you and the other party have interests that are shared and some that are opposed, an agreement is reached through back and forth communication is what negotiation stands for’. [5]

Before a suit is filed in the court, negotiation is done. If successful the suit may be prevented, therefore it is a preventive ADR. By systematic dispute management, an emphasis is made on avoiding conflict in the preventive process. In this way damage of relationship, loss of money can be avoided or saved, as well as builds trust and confidence between the disputing parties. Rightly enough, “the interaction between client and lawyer is a form of negotiation.” [6] In a negotiation, “why does your opponent want is far more important than ‘what does the opponent want’. This helps the negotiator to decide the methods of negotiation, which are Integration, Obliging, Dominating, Avoiding and Compromising. Based on the above methods there are different type of negotiators Competitive, Cooperative, Interest based and Avoider type negotiator. Avoider type negotiators prefer to maintain status quo and try and hide behind various rules, legal procedures and regulations. Their limited social skills are no good. “Some people may prefer compromising, others are fiercely competitive. And others can be outright adversarial when negotiating”. [7] Compared to other negotiation styles, Competitive and Cooperative negotiations styles are more preferred by the negotiators.

Competitive Negotiators

These types are the aggressive sorts. They are also referred to an assertive, distributive and positional. [8] The opponent is no real concern of theirs, their interest mainly being profit maximizing for their client [9] . The attitude they carry clearly reads ‘my way or the highway’. Their characteristics are as follows.

These negotiators do not give much importance to the relation with opposite party.

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