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新西兰计算机图形学实战演练作业题目-Computer Graphics Practical Exercise

论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:作业 Assignment登出时间:2013-12-13编辑:anne点击率:2039

论文字数:800论文编号:org201312130927493542语种:英语论文 English地区:新西兰价格:免费论文

关键词:计算机图形学实战演练Computer GraphicsPractical Exercise

摘要:这项工作涉及编程在C中,重点是使用OpenGL库。这项工作的目的是创建一个小的动画,如下所述。This exercise involves programming in C, with focus on using the OpenGL library. The goal of the exercise is to create a little animation, as described below.

论文题目:Computer Graphics Practical Project
论文语言:英语论文 English
论文用于:BA assignment 本科课程作业

Problem Specification

1. Initially, 6 equal-sized cubes are spread out over a floor ”at random”. That is, they lie flat on the floor at
different locations, at different rotational angles.1 。最初, 6个大小相等的立方体散布在地板“随机” 。也就是说,他们平躺在地板上的不同的位置,在不同的旋转角度。
2. These cubes then move, one after another, to new spacial positions until they form a small pyramid -three cubes at the bottom, two cube on the second level, one cube on top. This must happen in small steps, so that the user can see the movement happening.2 。这些立方体而后动,此起彼伏,新的空间位置,直到它们形成一个小金字塔三个立方体底部两个立方体在第二个层次,一个多维数据集之上。这必须发生在小的步骤,以使得用户能够看到运动发生。
During the animation, cubes should not intersect. In the final pyramid, there should be small horizontal gaps between cubes, but no vertical gaps. Possible initial and final states are depicted below.Producing this animation will require a number of things (in no particular order):


• Set a camera position and angle. An isometric perspective (as above) often looks best. It must clearly show the cubes during the animation.
• Create a floor. This can simply be a polygon in the Y=0 plane large enough to hold the cubes.
• Create cube objects at different locations and angles.
• Track the position and rotation of each cube as it moves.
• Moving an object to its desired position requires both rotation and movement along a path. This can be done either simultaneously or one after the other, and the path of movement need not be straight.
• To produce an animation, make small updates to the angle and/or position of one cube in each step.
• Cubes that go to the bottom row should be moved into position first, the cube in the top row last.
• To avoid cubes ”bumping into” each other, think about how to construct your paths and initial positions.
Note: You may use the file pyramid.c as starting point. It is available on stream together with a makefile(unix) / make script (windows). See below for help on setting up a basic development environment.

Submission & Marking

When submitting your work, please include your source code and the makefile. Compiled files are not needed/used we will recompile your code to run on our test machine.当提交您的作品,请提供您的源代码和生成文件。不需要/使用,我们将重新编译你的代码在测试机器上运行编译后的文件。

This exercise is due by 12/05/2013. It is worth 30 points, distributed as follows.
• Correct initial setup (6 cubes on a floor, in different places & angles). [8]
• Correct animation (one-by-one, smooth movement, smooth rotation, lower rows first). [10]
• Correct final setup (pyramid, angles aligned, horizontal spaces & no vertical spaces). [8]
• Correct camera perspective (good view of the action). [2]
• Cubes do not intersect during the animation. [2]
System Setup
You will need to install OpenGL/GLU/GLUT libraries and C/C++ development environment. Instructions for getting a basic environment set up under Windows and Linux are given below.
Linux (Ubuntu)
Install the mesa-common-dev, libglu-dev and freeglut3-dev packages.
> sudo apt-get in论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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