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大学选修课作业:我与知识产权-Intellectual Property and me

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2013-10-29编辑:yangcheng点击率:2455

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IP Panorama choose this course , into the intellectual property , the beginning is completely out of curiosity, as an arts student , I have been a variety of works of art that the existing intellectual property rights is very important. In such a high degree of information technology , information transmission speed so fast era, people not only benefit from the knowledge and property rights , and how to effectively protect their intellectual property was a headache . Relationship to itself , in fact, intellectual property issues around us , small household appliances, large aerospace, far to the ancient masters of calligraphy and paintings, nearly to the modern high-tech . Everywhere filled with intellectual shadow ......IP全景选择到知识产权,这个过程中,一开始是完全出于好奇,作为一个艺术的学生,我一直在各种艺术作品,现有的知识产权是非常重要的。在这样一个信息化程度高,信息传递速度如此之快的时代,人们不仅从中受益的知识和产权,以及如何有效地保护自己的知识产权是一个头痛的问题。本身的关系,其实,在我们身边的知识产权问题,小家电,大航空,远历代名家书画,近现代高科技。到处洋溢着智力的影子......

I understand that intellectual property is a human creation in the social practice of intellectual effort of proprietary rights. With the development of technology , in order to better protect the interests of property owners , and continue to improve the intellectual property system came into being . Today, patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights infringements more and more. First half of the 17th century produced the modern patent system ; one hundred years produced a " patent " system ; Then, after a hundred years later , from the court in dealing with the need to start infringement dispute , it produced a " claims "system. In the 21st century , intellectual property and human lives, is full of intellectual property rights, competition in the business , we can see that he 's an important role.据我了解,知识产权是人类的创造,在社会实践中的知识产权专有权利的努力。随着技术的发展,为了更好地保护业主的利益,并继续完善知识产权制度应运而生。今天,专利,版权,商标和其他知识产权侵权行为也越来越多。上半年17世纪现代专利制度;百年制作了“专利”制度,然后,经过一百多年后,法院在处理侵权纠纷的需要开始,制作了“索赔”制度。在21世纪,知识产权和人的生命,是充满了知识产权,在商业竞争中,我们可以看到,他是一个重要的角色。

Ever seen in a newspaper saying: " Look around, all around in addition to the creation of nature are the result of human wisdom ." This sentence was watching when that general , but when I went to the door of intellectual property which after finishing the course , was deeply shocked to , in fact, in many cases , we are on the side of intellectual and creative achievements - intellectual always turned a blind eye . As an example, in June 1999 , WIPO in its construction of an information center with a kitchen , a living room and a children's room consisting of apartments, to illustrate how the various aspects of intellectual property is an important component of life section. The exhibition "At home with invention" has been open to June 2000 , which attracted 18,000 viewers , very aptly describes the life of the intellectual property issues. After careful pondering difficult to find, intellectual property rights have constituted our entire life, from a handkerchief to a sofa , from a watch to a fridge , and even let us entertainment, music , books , animation, movies, and photos , everything are filled with intellectual property rights.

Although such a broad distribution of intellectual property , but the degree of importance of intellectual property rights is not enough , according to statistics, China's annual major sc论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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