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中西方婚俗的差异Differences Between Chinese Marriage Custom and Western Marriage Custom

论文作者:佚名论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2009-04-10编辑:刘宝玲点击率:67134

论文字数:26000论文编号:org200904101726022697语种:中文论文 Chinese地区:中国价格:免费论文

关键词:Marriage customdifferencesreasons婚俗差异原因

Abstract There are many procedures in Chinese marriage custom. The book propriety and ceremony, which records earliest wedding ceremony, says that marriage includes six etiquettes, namely, proposing, asking the name, asking for fortune, sending betrothal presents to the girl's family, discussing the date of marriage and meeting the bride. In western marriage, there are four procedures. They are Proposal, changing surnames, choosing the day and holding the wedding. As the different religions, cultural origins, marriage concepts and geographies, there are many differences existing in the two kinds of marriage customs. In Chinese marriage custom, the matchmaker functions almost all the time and youths have no right to choose and women are not on an equal footing with men. By contrast, in western marriage custom, the priest functions and the youths have legal right to choose whom they want to marry and men and women are equal. There also exist common things in the two sides. They have been maintained for thousands of years. But in recent years (especially after the founding of modern China), people have tended to discard some of the details and advocate simplified marriage procedures and wedding ceremonies. 摘 要 中国婚俗有着许多的仪式。最早记载婚礼习俗的《仪礼》云:“婚有六礼,纳采、问名、 纳吉、纳征、请期、亲迎。”而在西方国家主要有4个程序,即建议,改姓,选期和举行婚礼。由于宗教、文化根源、婚姻观念以及地理环境的不同在一定程度上导致了中西方婚俗的不同。在中国婚俗中,媒人起着决定性的作用,而作为婚姻当事人的青年男女却没有选择的自由和权力,而且男女在婚姻中的不平等现象也屡有出现。 在西方,是牧师在婚姻中起作用,并且青年男女有合法的权力去选择自己的夫婿或妻子。当然中西方的婚俗也存在相同的地方。它们存在了上千年之久。近年来(特别是新中国成立之后),中西结合的婚姻屡有出现。 Introduction Marriage is formed in a long historical evolution of the marriage custom in a nation. It is the regularity of the activities that restrains people's awareness of marriage and marriage. Marriage custom’s binding does not depend on the law, and it can not rely on science tests neither, but on the force of habit, traditional culture and national psychology. During the development of human history, the institution of marriage and family system has experienced different processes of development. Human have experienced group marriage, the dual system of marriage and individual marriage system (monogamy). As a union of a man and a woman and a family formation stage, marriage includes not only marriage, but also the preparation phase for the marriage and the performance stage after the festivities. It runs through the whole process of life. These customs, as a national symbol and cultural development, plays a very important role in ethnic studies and the history of mankind. China is a country with an ancient civilization and a long history, and many customs. Among so many customs, there is a particular marriage custom. This custom goes through various and long stages of development from ancient simple wedding ceremony to later complex ceremony, from feudal marriage custom to the modern free marriage custom. During these courses, people’s ideas are progressing, though we can not say that their ideas are up to the top of mankind’s ideas in all over the world at all over the time because there are still backward ideas existing in many places, in many people’s mind and they maybe will still exist for a long time. However, they are up to the top of mankind’s ideas in a certain stage of the uninterrupted development of ideas. Greek civilization is the base of western culture. Britain plays an important role in western history and western culture, and of course marriage custom. Comparing with each other, they are different in many aspects such a论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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