留学生MBA Essay范文:Team Working Advantages and Disadvantages

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本文是留学生MBA essay范文,主要内容是讲述团队工作的优点和缺点。

1. Introduction to Topic:

Organisations around the world are using the team concept for effective utilization of its scarce resources and better accomplishment of its long-term goals and objectives (Benowitz, 2008). The tremendous increase in the number of organisations using the team concept could be attributed to the changes in macro environmental situation along with a remarkable increase in the level of competition that now calls for increase efficiencies in order to accomplish an organisation's long-term goals and objectives. Their capacity to accomplish an organisation's goals and objectives increased because team efforts synergy and creativity to the workplace, which is usually a positive factor that is not available in another form of organisational structure (Francessco & Gold, 2005). Perhaps this is the reason that one may experience organisations around the world are transforming their operation towards team base structures (Adler, 2002). 
Realizing the significance of team efforts in the workplace, efforts will be directed in this paper to investigate critically how team efforts help in better accomplishing of the organisation's goals and objectives. The paper will elaborate in detail that why the team concept is gaining significance with the passage of time, by quoting different advantages and benefits that teamwork provides in the contemporary business arena. However, the team efforts are not without some disadvantages. In the second part of the paper, efforts will be directed towards pointing out different disadvantages that are associated with team efforts. 

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Topic: 3
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Working in Contemporary: 3
3. Conclusion: 10
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