澳洲essay范文:Quality Management System

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1.  Introduction to Topic:
Organisations around the world are accomplishing major milestones through the implementation of quality management system (Crosby, 1987). The system that was once limited to Japanese organisations are now widely used throughout the world, and undoubtedly the tremendous increase in the number of organisations implementing the quality management system could be attributed to the number of advantages that such systems offer (Bamford & Deibler, 2007). Although, the implementation of quality management system is a cumbersome task, however taking into consideration the lifelong benefits of such systems, the money and resources that are usually spent on such systems could be considered as an investment that pay off an organisation in the form efficiency and effectiveness (Croft, 2012).

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Topic: 3
2. Philosophy of Quality Management System: 4
3. ISO 9001 Compliant Management System: 6
4. Independent Third Party Certification: 7
5. Relevant Legislation and Regulation Needed for the Implementation of ISO 9001: 9
6. Management of ISO 9001 on Continuous Basis: 10
7. Conclusion: 10
8. Works Cited 12