essay代写范文:National Culture

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The theories of national culture that mainly emerged in the field of management after the pioneering work of Geert Hofstede during 1980 serves as a base for the understanding of the cross cultural differences and are widely utilized by multinational organization for designing their cross-cultural training and development program and understanding of the cultural values of the diverse country (Mullins, 2005). The field of research that Geert Hofstede initiated has experienced other subsequent studies, however the theories of national culture are always remembered with the name of Geert Hofstede who is regarded as the most widely cited author for his work (Tayeb, 2003). However, the groundbreaking work of Hofstede is not without criticism and mainly the criticism emerged as a result of the fact that the national culture theory presented by Hofstede and subsequently refined by different authors fail to consider the impact of both individual difference and organizational choice (McSweeney, 2002). Realizing the significance of such criticism,  efforts will be directed in this paper to critically assess that how the theories of national culture fail to consider the impact of both individual differences and organizational choices, and consider the ways organizations might become more, or less, similar to each other.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Topic: 3
2. Failure of National Culture Theories to consider Individual Differences and Organizational Choices: 3
3. Conclusion: 11
4. Works Cited 13