HRM Essay范文:HR Issues Confronted Marks & Spencer

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本文是留学生HRM Essay范文,主要内容是讨论Marks & Spencer人力资源面临的问题。

Marks & Spencer is British high street retailer that has been renowned for marketing high quality products that include clothing, home accessories, footwear, food products pharmaceuticals, beauty products and financial services (Harrison, 2002). M&S has more than 1000 stores and more than 76,000 employees in different parts of the world. The business volume that the organization handled could be judge from the fact that around 15 million shoppers in different parts of the world visit M&S's stores in different parts of the world on weekly basis.  The M&S name has been ranked as on the best known brand in the country as the brand enjoy a very high brand equity in the market (Marks & Spencer, 2010).
However, with the passage of time the organization leadership has been challenged by different firms who are not only offering better products than M&S, through superior strategic management process such organizations are increasingly gaining M&S's market share (Bizcovering, 2009). Although, there are varieties of reason that could be attributed to M&S's downing sales, profitability and closure of different stores in different parts of the world, the fact is that the negligence of the HR is one such prime reasons (Aush, 2012). Due to demographic changes in UK as well as other parts of the world, professional organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to get hands-on on skilled human talents who have the desired abilities and experience to excel the organizations towards the realization of its mission, however unlike other organizations M&S has failed to realize the significant role that the human talent play in the accomplishment of firm's mission and other long-term goals (Mellahi et al., 2002). This has been resulting in crucial loss of the human talent that has been translating very high in terms of market share.

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