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随着新兴国家市场经济的快速发展,短短十年间,许多新兴艺术市场经历了发生,萧条和迅速崛起,即使现在的市场形势依然让人感到扑朔迷离。 如何面对这种情况? 根据中国和巴西的市场情况,本文分析了新兴的艺术市场。 主要从三个方面进行分析:一是分析两个新兴艺术市场的历史发展; 其次它分析了这两个市场的现状; 总结其所面临的成绩和主要问题,本文预测了中国和巴西新兴艺术市场的未来前景。

Along with the rapid development of market economy in emerging countries, in just ten years many emerging art markets experienced the happen, depression, and rapid rise, even now the market situation still makes people feel complicated and confusing. How to face this kind of situation? Based on market situation of China and Brazil, this article analyzes the emerging art markets accordingly. The analysis is mainly from three aspects: first it analyzes the historical development of the two emerging art markets; second it analyzes the current situation of these two markets; to summarize the achievements and main problems they are facing, this article predicts the future prospects of emerging art markets of China and Brazil. 

1. Historical evolution历史沿革

中国艺术市场具有悠久的历史渊源。 通过大量的中国古代艺术史料,可以证明艺术是人类最早的私有财产之一,也是最早进入市场的劳动产品之一。 当今文化艺术得到了高度发展。 中国艺术品展现了中国民族传统文化的变迁与发展,已经成为一种独特的文化商品,进入了市场流通领域。................
Art market in China has a long and ancient historical origin. Through a large number of Chinese ancient art historical materials, it can be proved that art was one of the earliest private properties of human beings, also one of the first labor products to enter into the market. Nowadays the culture and art have obtained highly developed. Chinese art products revealed the change and development of Chinese national traditional culture, which have already become a unique cultural commodity, and entered into circulation field of the market. ................

2. Current situation如今状况

Compared with western advanced and mature art markets, in China and Brazil the art markets are emerging, presenting the typical features of emerging countries. 
The auction industry in China develops rapidly, and in Brazil the development of gallery industry is good. The mature outcomes of art industry in western developed countries are: the primary market is for professional galleries and agencies; the secondary market is for the auction houses; after that the big art fairs collect the top arts. .........................

3. Future prospect展望未来

Art market in China is quite hot, which makes the art prices increase exponentially, and the rate of return on investment is much higher. Many people withdraw money from stock exchange and real estate market, and put it into art markets. But the reality is that, high-level and rational investors are not many, a lot of people rush into art markets because of the high return on investment. Under the market economy, nobody can stop all kinds of funds rushing into art markets. The problem is the excessive speculation brings to market a lot of bubbles, which seriously affect the fundamentals of the market......................