代写essay范文:Cultural marketing of film brands

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Cultural marketing of film brands is a combination of concepts. To put it simply, it is to strengthen marketing with cultural force. The key to cultural marketing and communication here is to find a unique cultural idea. Only in this way can marketing and communication activities "go up high buildings and look to the world". Only in this way can we create a brand new marketing image, a new marketing mode formed by the two in the specific marketing operation process. This paper discusses the thinking of cultural marketing in the development of contemporary film with the mode of free thinking.

Movie itself is a kind of cultural or entertainment, marketing or business culture is also a kind of culture, for the movie marketing can transition to a cultural marketing, this is not a catch on the movie marketing fashion, but have done so in all walks of life, so the movie marketing even carry the shoes also have to keep up with, the movie was cultured is a fashionable sex, whether frolic in the waves or restoring ancient ways, cannot leave the culture, especially the indigenous culture, is the so-called only available in the local world, culture is a kind of spiritual music, any color of skin can appreciate, intoxicated.

The traditional culture of China have a New Year New Year, feng is the director of a high master, he directed local culture, so provides a valuable business culture marketing opportunities. The theme and timing of New Year's eve films will bring about great business opportunities. The cooperation mode of culture and commerce will definitely create rich business value as long as it is reasonably and appropriately used. From the point of the whole Chinese film marketing world, mainland companies have been learned and the experience of foreign and Hong Kong and Taiwan movie marketing, pay more and more attention to business cooperation with cultural products of a kind of brand-new marketing pattern.

The strategy of film and television culture refers to the strategy of fashion and fashion that makes use of the communication response of film and television art and guides the current culture so as to enhance the effect of marketing communication. Finally, it influences the audience with the representation of images, achieves the subtle effect with the voice painting narration, and carries out the communication process through teaching in music. The marketing communications penetrates the film and television art objects, by means of film and television transmission of marketing to achieve this purpose in cultural resonance, which is one of the effective implementation of cultural marketing communication strategy. The film and television strategy has different performance in different products and services. The marketing communication objects can be divided into cultural products and services and non-cultural products and services. Among the production elements of film and television drama, the characters, costumes, props and environment of the drama are the four most important developable elements, which can be carried out from the following aspects:

Almost all seen 007 film will not forget that 007 is almost synonymous with fashion brand advertising: ford aston Martin sports car, revlon cosmetics, French champagne, vodka martinis, Finland, 7-up drinks and electric razors, and so on. 007 film become "franchise agent" products of the inner packing, pioneer James bond become famous in the super hero. In the latest episode of "who and who", bond is said to have been "nurtured" by more than 20 brands in an unprecedented way, with a whopping $120 million in advertising packages. To sponsor art costumes and props such as goods, can solve the problem of producers of funds, and to sell the goods of the enterprise, so this kind of cooperation method is popular amo