社会学essay范文一篇:Gender language

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The linguistic differences between the two sexes are regarded as the oldest form of human linguistic differences. Gender language research, from the perspective of the analysis of men's and women's words, to understand their verbal behavior model and its physiological mechanism, cognitive mode, psychological process, social role, value idea, the close link between cultural differences, between men and women, which has its physiological background, language characteristics which words is its "social gender awareness to influence the outcome of", therefore, the research helps us to complex language phenomenon is more accurate and reasonable explanation, deepen the understanding of human general behavior model, promote the development of people-oriented basic science. At the 44th international linguistic conference held at New York university in the United States in April 2000, language and gender was fully discussed as the central topic of the conference. This fully demonstrates that contemporary linguists have treated language and gender as an important factor that cannot be ignored in linguistic research.


The feminist movement has promoted gender language research. Western feminism started in the early 20th century and began in the 1960s. In less than half a century, its influence has been involved in many aspects of people's life and played a positive role in promoting the liberation and improvement of modern women's life. Feminists, one of the biggest contribution is put forward the social gender theory, divides into the person's sex physiology sex and gender, and social gender concepts into the core category of feminist theory and criticism of gender essentialism of powerful weapon, the male and female private and men outside the women inside the gender essentialism formed the fatal shock. The renewal of gender awareness has led women to demand equality with men in all aspects, including language. Feminists believe there is a big difference in the language used by men and women. But of all the written stuff, only the voices of men, and the voices of women, who make up half the world's population, are completely and forever drowned out. Moreover, the problem is not a temporary local phenomenon, but a serious long-term worldwide problem. The gravity of the problem is also evident in public and social Settings. In these places, the reverberation is always the voice of the man. Even when a woman's voice is speaking, it is not in the language of her own woman, but in the language she has been influenced and nurtured from a young age, the language of the man. They urged the creation of an equal language environment. This feminist appeal greatly promoted the study of gender language by linguists.

At present, most of the relevant researches at home and abroad belong to the introduction or summary of the research on gender language in English, and the research data on gender language in other languages and cultures in the world are very deficient, including Chinese. Chinese gender language research has just started, but also to draw lessons from western gender differences research in theory, the research also appears more scattered, only for the individual has carried on the preliminary description language and speech phenomenon, theoretical and systematic, the law of the gender differences of the Chinese words is the lack of a comprehensive description and research. In different occasions, how men an