代写企业管理学essay:How to increase corporate influence

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In social life, "influence" refers to the close connection and interaction between people and things. "Influence" refers to the ability to influence others' words and deeds, which often plays a decisive role in the survival and development of enterprises. An enterprise with real influence can fully reflect its social value in the fierce social competition, and at the same time, can constantly survive and grow in the fierce competition. This paper aims to discuss how to improve the influence of enterprises from the following four aspects: fulfill social responsibility, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, improve crisis management ability and get government support.


The so-called corporate social responsibility refers to the obligations of enterprises to the society while pursuing their own interests. We know: any enterprise is part of the society, can not leave society and their social responsibility and individual existence, the enterprise to enhance its influence, we must realize itself should assume their social responsibility, with a strong sense of social responsibility of enterprises, will have a wide range of social influence and competitiveness. This paper holds that enterprises can fulfill their social responsibilities mainly from the following aspects:

所谓企业社会责任是指企业在追求自身利益的同时对社会的义务。我们知道:任何企业都是社会的一部分,不能离开社会,他们的社会责任和个人存在,企业要提升其影响力,就必须认识到自己应该承担起自己的社会责任,具有强烈的企业社会责任感, 将具有广泛的社会影响力和竞争力。 本文认为企业主要从以下几个方面履行社会责任:

As a new era enterprise, we not only need to disclose traditional accounting information, but also need to actively cultivate talents suitable for the new era to further expand their influence and strengthen the sustainable development of the enterprise, and add environmental costs on the basis of the original accounting. Through the accounting statements of enterprises to the vast number of users of statements to convey the enterprise's commitment to social responsibility, thereby expanding the social influence of enterprises.

We should actively change corporate social responsibility from external pressure to internal demand impetus. In this way, it is possible for an enterprise to turn its social responsibility into a driving force for its long-term development.

Michael potter think, if the enterprise can use the strategic view of corporate social responsibility, so corporate social responsibility can be either for the enterprise to solve social problems, also can bring competitive advantage for the enterprise. Enterprises should select the social problems that have a crossing point with their own business to create the Shared value between enterprises and society. Michael ・ potter the main social responsibility problem is divided into three categories, namely the common social problems, the value chain leading social problem and the competitive environment leading social problem. It is necessary for every enterprise to classify social problems into the above three categories for its business units and business locations, and rank them according to the size of their potential impact. Different methods of corporate participation are adopted for different social problems so as to bring win-win results for both enterprises and the society.

Generally speaking, the stakeholders of a company include the responsibilities of customers, the public, employees, social organizations and investors. The first is to ensure good communication between enterprises and customers through quality products and services, and to reward the public with ethical and ethical actions. Secondly, it harmonizes the relationship between enterprises and social org