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Chapter one Introduction

1.1 Background
The acquisition of language has been a hot research topic. The source of linguisticknowledge has been the most controversial and difficult question to answer. Beforegenerative grammar proposed by Chomsky (1957), there were two major factions ofmentalism and behaviorism, and the main difference between them lies in the fact thatlinguistic knowledge is innate or determined by the external environment. In the 1950s,Chomsky's generative grammar has ruled linguistics for 30 years. He held thatlanguage acquisition is due to the Acquisition Device Language, a natural languageacquisition mechanism, and language acquisition has a restriction on critical period ofage. Language focus was put on the theories of talent. But the talent of these theories isdifficult to be confirmed, and some of its theories have been criticized by manyresearchers. Later, many theories, such as psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics,focused on the use of language. That is to say, the language is not affected by the innatemechanism, but by the lots of experiences of language to acquire knowledge. Theseusage-based theories, such as Connectionism theory and Exemplar theory, takefrequency as an important variable. The repetition of language is the basis acquisitionof language. The history of language experience and the language environment is animportant factor in language acquisition. Therefore, the sensitivity to the languageenvironment and the summary of the frequency knowledge has become the key tolanguage acquisition. These issues, such as how to explain the frequency effect onlanguage acquisition, especially on phrasal verbs acquisition, and the problems offrequency are rarely discussed at home.

1.2 Significance and purpose
This empirical study has theoretical and practical need. Theoretically, it can support Ellis’s (2002b) hypothesis that input frequency plays an important role inlearning formulaic sequences by providing the empirical evidence for input frequency.This study concerns the effects on phrasal verbs which had not been noticed before.Practically, this study and its findings will give lots of English teachers’ pedagogicalsuggestions to design teaching methods for learning phrasal verbs. At the same time, itcalls for students to focus on the importance of input frequency. So this study isnecessary for the following points.Frequency is an important concept in second language acquisition, but it hadcaught little attention of the experts. However, Ellis (2002b) held that practicing asmany times as possible in one language term can strengthen our language knowledge,so that the language learners can form the long-term memory of a knowledge system.What’s more, he claimed that frequency has effect on every component of languageprocessing, including phonology, phonotactics, reading, spelling, lexis, morphosyntax,formulaic language, language comprehension, grammaticality, sentence production,and syntax. And so far, lots of empirical studies of frequency which have effects onlistening, speaking, reading and writing have been explored. For instance, Jensen andVinther (2003) discovered repetition could improve the understanding of listening. Duand Zhang (2011) concluded that task based on frequency helped learners’ speaking.Turpie and Paratore (1994) presented that frequency was good for readingcomprehension. Du and Gao (2011) stressed frequency had a positive impa论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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