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爱玛中的女性意识研究 [5]

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关键词:the Feminist Consciousness爱玛女性意识英美文学Jane Austen

摘要:The novel by Jane Austen is characterized by the unique feminine and keen realistic insight. Different from the men realistic novelists, she writes from a keen feminine visual angle. Feminist consciousness focuses on the women characters' inner lives during their self- development written by women writers.

ysically strong, intellectually active and morally superior. She refuses to have her destiny by a man. In fact, what makes Emma unusual is the fact that Emma is a woman who asserts her own right. In so doing, she undoubtedly offends this male--dominated society. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mudrick's accusation that “Emma has no tenderness” really means that she is not submissive to men: hers is “a dominating and uncommiting personality”
In an age when obedience was the only duty of women, the idea was rooted that women were not qualified for possession of right because of their inferior intellectual. It was even advocated that possession of talent is “the possession of a dangerous heritage--a jewel which cannot with propriety be worn”. If one says women “preside” in the home, the word preside may produce a startling effect upon the ear of man, so warned a conduct-book writer.
Yet, Emma is the real ruler of the household at Hartfield. Her father is poor in health all his life and his intellectual, physical and even moral frailty necessitates his dependence upon Emma's female strength and good judgment. So Emma has been mistress of the house ever since she was twelve. She manages the household with skillful diplomacy.
At the dinner table, Emma takes the duties of “patriarchal hospitality” upon her own shoulders. She allows her father to talk, but supplies food to the visitors in a grand style. When disputes are very likely to break out among her guests, Emma always subtly steers them away from uncomfortable topics.
Emma’s excellent superintendence over Hartfield, a symbol of superior female right and power, is in sharp contrast with Mr. Woodhouse’s disability  Austen seems to have subverted the convention that female is supposed to be inferior to male. Instead, Austen hints that the reign of a capable intelligent woman is preferable to that of a man.
Besides her right in her domestic circle, Emma is also the leader of her whole community. People in the neighborhood acknowledge Emma’s preeminence. When the Coles, who have accumulated fortune out of trade, intend to hold a dinner party for respectable people in Highbury, the one to whom they attach special importance is Miss Woodhouse. Emma is so sure of herself that she says: “I always deserve the best treatment, because I never put up with any other.”
At the end of the novel, Emma eventually marries Mr. Knightley and marriage often means relinquishment of female power. Wayne Booth has declared, “marriage to an intelligent, amiable, good, and attractive man is the best thing that can happen to this heroine…” But Austen in a subtle manner continues her quiet subversion of the traditional division of power between male and female. With Mr. Knightley’s decision of moving to Hartfield after marriage, the ending of Emma turns back on the conventions. Considering his own high status Mr. Knightley’s move into Hartfield is extraordinary----“how very few of those men in a rank of life to address Emma would have renounced their own home for Hartfield!”
By moving to Hartfield, Mr. Knightley is now sharing Emma’s home, and placing himself within her domain. The fact suggests that Mr. Knightley openly justifies Emma’s right.
3.1.3 The Consciousness of Marriage
First, Emma’s marriage reflected that 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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