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Abstract: In the early 1950s, the theater of the absurd rise in the West. It is produced in France after World War II, then popular in many Western countries. As a drama school in France, its grotesque stage art form and cause confusion difficult topic to the audience charmed fascinated. The themes reflected in a rational, moral decay, material expansion of society, human existence is absurd and irrational. The theater of the absurd writers abandoned the traditional realism of expression, and replace them with non-rational, anti-logical performance practices, theater of the absurd to be a very unique genre.


Keywords: Absurd, irrational, plot, stage, dilute, language


Some may think that the absurd works has existed since ancient, if not myths, fairy tales and ghost horror stories, such as Rabelais "turn" the giant Swift's grid Gulliver Travels, the first half of 20th century cultural studies works there are some absurd masterpiece of performance, such as Kafka's The Trial, Camus's "misunderstanding". Although these writers is absurd the way trying to show that the unique personal face of a strange and hostile world of fear and confusion, the worthlessness of the world's confusion, personal survival, but they still use standardized language in the form of expression, rigorous logic reasoning to express them aware of the absurdity of the human condition, the audience is easier to clear reason, on the sidelines and accept the information conveyed by the drama, the real theater of the absurd is completely different. The most prominent innovation of the theater of the absurd total art feature is the performance of the absurd absurd form of artistic expression. Absurd Dramatists: Since the world and human life in this senseless, meaningless, absurd, then works to express such irrational alienation of the world's only irrational, dehumanization, not the logic of life manner. Beckett, Ionesco drama of inheritance and the development of Expressionism highlight the subjective spirit and practices of the absurd side of, and inspired by the philosophy of existentialism. They do not depend on the height of clear and rigorous, logical reasoning to express that they are aware of the absurdity of the human condition ridiculous. Theater of the absurd to give up the means of reason and reasoning thinking, to express the human condition that they are aware of the meaningless, by instinct and intuition rather than by a conscious effort to solve the problem. They gave up the debate on the absurdity of the human condition, a direct manifestation of the absurdity of the existence of specific stage image. So, in their play on the stage are often bizarre, ridiculous scenes, there is no specific plot, there is no opening, climax, ending, there is no realistic figures, there is no clear time and place. Vivid, lifelike character in the play, but full of broken image of the stage, seems to have become the neuropathy, thin old man, dirty tramp, they are just mechanical repetition of the action and language "puppet". Writing skills from the traditional narrative, logic, and authenticity to give the audience an intuitive feel the absurdity of life, to question their own rationalism. The absurd form of artistic expression is specific to change in the disposal of the plot, characters, stage background, props, lighting and other factors, does not meet the real-life logic, absurd and bizarre plot, abstract vilify the characters, s论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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