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俄罗斯Pussy Riot乐队文化研究assignment

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:作业 Assignment登出时间:2015-02-25编辑:Cinderella点击率:2356

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关键词:Pussy RiotRussian朋克文化

摘要:本文从俄罗斯社会文化角度着笔,先介绍该国宗教传统与社会价值观,随后重点研究俄罗斯女子朋克乐队Pussy Riot,研究这个特立独行的女子乐队与俄罗斯传统文化之间的碰撞融合。

关于Pussy Riot乐队的资料主要在互联网和报纸文章上,因为人们对她们的信息还知之甚少,尚没有以书本的形式呈现。






Sources related closely to Pussy Riot will be taken online and from newspaper articles as information on the subject is still fresh in people’s minds and not yet in book form.


Mankind has always been eager to be the strongest, largest, most powerful, fundamentally the finest in everything. This statement is clear for the Russia who is deemed the largest country in the world. Russia manages to cover one sixth of the whole globe’s land mass and has played a significant role in modern history. Although, in order to comprehend how a country has developed into what it is now, one must reflect at its society. A country’s society reflects not only its people but also its expectations of the future and history.


Many things reflect Russia’s varied culture but two of the main factors are of art and the church.   Like numerous other countries, religion has definitely played an immense role in the structure of Russian society and its values towards success. Their main place of worship is known as the Russian Orthodox Church, this holy place being around one thousand years old and in the region of half of the country’s population belonging to it. This being said, the vast majority of Orthodox believers do not attend church on a regular basis. Russians have also turned to various new beliefs, parties, and religious denominations. However, the Russian Orthodox Church is very much valued amongst advocates and agnostics, who see it as an icon of Russian tradition, heritage and culture.  


Since Pussy Riot formed they have made numerous headlines with a series of illicit guerilla performances that included performing a piece aptly named 'Revolt in Russia' on the symbolic Red Square in January 2012. Eventually they were arrested under Russia' stern illegal protest laws, but at the time all eight band mates were released to march another day.


The recent Pussy Riot trials in Russia have highlighted the continuing need for women to challenge authority and assert their independence within Western Society. It may appear as if women have achieved much over the last fifty years, but recent statistics hav论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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