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关键词:变更管理肝细胞癌Hindustan Construction


上述引用了达尔文仍然是适用于现代的组织。在整个历史中,变化可能作为一个常量而被接受(Carnall,2003)。变更管理不是一个截然不同的学科,它具有刚性有着明确的界限。这里没有规则,指导方针或可以保证成功的变更管理过程和程序。变更管理这一领域中,改变被认为是不可预知的和反应的(Burnes,2004),混乱的(McGreevy,2008),在本质上不是线性或固定 (Iles and Sutherland 2001, Braithwaite et al., 2002) ,令人沮丧的和艰巨的(Jick,1993)。组织变革也可以有问题或病态。变更管理的领域宽,它包括领导变化、结构变化、文化变革、技术变革或战略变化。作为人类行为的一部分,有时我们欢迎我们反驳的改变或改变。这个有趣的方面最近的变革阻力不是认识论构造但是它的根是对人类心理的研究中发现,现在也被认为是最重要的方面领域的变更管理。

分析肝细胞癌的组织选择——印度建筑有限公司,属于印度第二大建筑公司。成立于前八年,现在已被证明是工程建设行业的领导者,目前在跨交通等不同领域项目被着重培养,电力、海洋工程、石油和天然气管道建设、灌溉和供水、城市基础设施、公用事业和所有这些影响印度的国家和其人民的进步。2006年4月,HCC S.A.引入的P组织运作的公司。这种技术变化并不接受员工在最初阶段。它花了两年时间来克服这种阻力。

The above quote of Darwin is still applicable to the organizations of the modern era. Throughout the history, change may be accepted as one of the constants (Carnall, 2003). Change Management is not a distinct discipline with rigid and clearly defined boundaries.? There are no set of rules, guidelines or? procedures which can assure the success of change management process. In the field of Change Management, change is seen as unpredictable and reactive (Burnes, 2004), chaotic (McGreevy, 2008), not linear or fixed in nature (Iles and Sutherland 2001, Braithwaite et al., 2002) and frustrating and daunting (Jick, 1993). Organizational change can also be problematic or pathological. The field of Change Management is wide and it includes leadership change, structural change, cultural change, technological change or strategic change. As a part of human behaviour, we sometimes welcome the change or we refute to change. This interesting aspect of resistance to change is not a recent epistemological construct but its roots are found in the studies of human Psychology and now it is also considered the most important aspect in the field of change management.

The organization chosen for the analysis is HCC- Hindustan Construction Co., the second largest construction company in India. It was established before eight decades and now it has proven itself the industry leader in engineering construction, currently nurtures projects that span across such diverse segments as transportation, power, marine projects, oil and gas pipeline constructions, irrigation and water supply, utilities and urban infrastructure, all of which impact the nation of India, and the progress of its people. In April 2006, HCC introduced S.A.P for the organized functioning of the company. This technological change was not accepted by the employees in the initial stage. It took two years to overcome this resistance. This paper aims at providing insights to the resistance to change process at HCC and efforts of management team to overcome this resistance. The emphasis is given on understanding the resistance by employees and its implications with the help of existing theories and models in the Change Management literature. In the later part, the recommendations are made about how HCC can manage the change if it has to implement the change again by gaining in depth understanding of the whole change process.

变化——从一个阶段到另一个阶段——Change - A journey from one phase to another phase

As regulatory pressures, increasing customer demands and competitive forces impact utilities world -wide, change is becoming the norm rather than the exception.? Change may be defined in many ways and it depends on the individuals' perceptions. Kreitner (1992) compares change to a stone tossed into a still pond, which causes ripples to radiate in 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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