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Literature review example

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Literature review example

‘Vacancy Notification and Employee Mobility’, Saunders M.N.K.  (1993) International Journal of Manpower

Employers recruit for two reasons, to replace employees (80%) and for expansion (20%) (Roper 1988). In both cases notification can be viewed as the point at which employer and job seeker labour searches interact (Dale 1987) and make contact (Watson 1989), where the employers' search for new employees links into those searching for employment within both the internal and the wider labour markets. For employees to be mobile within their company or between employers they need to be aware of vacancies.本留学生毕业论文留学生毕业论文网www.51lunwen.org提供 The key factor here is therefore the availability of information about job vacancies (for example Saunders 1985, Mortenson 1986). The methods adopted by an employer to search for potential new employees to fill a vacancy is based upon a series of factors. Crucial to the choice of notification method is the company policy regarding filling vacancies externally or internally (Salt 1990). Subsequent to this the employer will need to decide how and when to notify the vacancy, whether or not to short list an applicant and whether or not to offer the post (Herriot 1989). The importance of this initial vacancy notification to the recruiter has been emphasised, particularly in the more prescriptive (HRM) literature. For example Mondy et al. (1987:42) state:
'Effective employee selection depends upon attracting the most qualified applicants. Time and money are wasted when the job search is conducted in the wrong place with the wrong methods.'

Wheeler (1988) identified associated advertising costs of over 370 million in the UK in 1987, the vast majority of this being spent in local and regional press. This excluded all associated costs such as the brochures, leaflets as well as other below the line costs such as staff time. Thus the HRM literature is concerned with how the employer reaches potential employees  (Roper 1988). By contrast mobility and migration literature, such as Granovetter (1974), Saunders and Flowerdew (1987), have often focused on the impact on the person actively seeking a new post (the 'job seeker'), such as how choice of notification outlet directly influences applicant location. Theoretical job search and migration literature (principally North American) has been concerned with modelling this process using methods based upon stopping rule models (for example Seater 1979, Mortensen 1986), In focusing on job seekers rather than all potential employees they have excluded those notification methods aimed at people not searching for a job, such as the use of head hunters.
The importance to employers of factors likely to prevent potential applicants from applying and from taking up individual posts (that is factors preventing mobility between jobs) has also been cited in the HRM literature. However this has rarely been considered in any depth by UK textbooks on personnel management (Forster 1991a). To induce mobility employers may well offer incentives to the potential applicant(s) to overcome geographical inertia such as relocation assistance or golden handshakes for some very senior posts (Salt 1990). In the latter case the employee will usually need to move house, that is migrate. Migration specialists, in particular Geographers, have shown that wider institutional, 本留学生毕业论文留学生毕业论文网&tar论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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