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Woman:the risks of being at the top

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The risks of being at the top
 The under-representation of women in senior-level jobs continues to be a conundrum for public and private sector employers – even for those trying to make a difference by setting targets for change. Yet the growth in the number of successful small businesses owned by women suggests that their business capabilities are in the top tier.

So, what magic do we need to improve the performance of business in creating more inclusive top teams so that organisations can reap the benefits of the best available talent and the diverse views, ideas and perspectives that are imperative to sustained economic success? We’ve taken a look at this issue in a previous CIPD Change Agenda, Women in the Boardroom: A bird’s eye view, which is available as a free pdf downloadable from our website (www.cipd.co.uk).
This earlier report evidenced some of the reasons why women often deselect themselves from the corporate world. It showed that there’s a complex mix of reasons, ranging from boardroom politics and culture to work–life balance challenges and freedom to act and make a difference without playing what women perceive to be ‘time-wasting’ games.

When women exercise career choices at this level, it seems they often do so out of frustration, not incompetence, while those who stay the course often thrive. Yet little is known about what the latter face in delivering added value at this level.

In the process of producing our earlier report, new research evidence came to light about women on top teams being coincidental with poor economic performance in FTSE 100 companies. This ‘gauntlet’ was picked up and the challenge pursued by Dr Michelle Ryan and Professor Alexander Haslam at Exeter University, who questioned the connection and exposed a new phenomenon they called the ‘glass cliff’. This term describes a set of contextual conditions that tend to exist when women are offered high-level appointments.

This new Change Agenda, Women in the Boardroom: The risks of being at the top, is the result of further work, carried out for us by the Exeter team, on the glass cliff and its implications for people management and development policies and practices.
We present the first findings to stimulate thinking and debate and prepare the ground for a new CIPD ‘research into practice’ report, which we’ll publish later this year. It will explore the implications for employers, appropriate responses and interventions and recommendations for progress. 

The glass cliff: the risks of being at the top
The glass ceiling
Although 20 years have passed since the Wall Street Journal coined the phrase ‘the glass ceiling’ in its 1986 special report on the corporate woman, it’s clear that this metaphor continues to be of great relevance. Women’s under-representation in positions of leadership persists, especially in the upper echelons of organisations. In addition, other research has uncovered a corresponding phenomenon of the ‘glass escalator’, whereby men are accelerated through the organisational ranks, especially in sectors that are traditionally dominated by women (Williams 1992).

However, despite the continued existence of these subtle barriers, the number of women occupying management positions is greater than it has ever been (Equal Opportunities Commission 2004; Women and Equality Unit 2004). In 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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