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布拉德福德大学硕士人力资源管理课程作业范文:To what extent can initiatives designed to encourage employee participation, employee involvement and empowerment be considered a success?

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摘要:university of bradford Master:英国留学生人力资源管理学硕士课程论文范文

In modern society, with the advance of global economic integration and the knowledge economy era coming, the level of science and technology has become an important factor in deciding the competitive position. And now, the modern enterprise system is facing with the evolution from the capital overriding to the human overriding, while the quality and vitality of the employees has become the fundamental driving force for enterprise development. Peter Drucker (1993) considers that as a resource, the knowledge will have a greater impact on the enterprise than physical capital in the future and it is increasingly becoming the company's most important strategic resource. In practice, successful entrepreneurs also recognize that the only path of enterprises development are keeping closely the employees of the enterprise together and inspiring their enthusiasm for the work and the inherent potential so that they can combine their wisdom, capacity and needs with the business development goals and make efforts to create and innovative their work. 在现代社会,随着全球经济一体化和知识经济时代的到来提前来临,科技水平已成为决定竞争地位的重要因素之一。而现在,现代企业制度正面临着从资本压倒一切的首要人类的演化,而质量和活力的员工已成为企业发展的根本动力。彼得·德鲁克(1993)认为,作为一种资源,知识会比物质资本在未来对企业有较大的影响,它正日益成为公司最重要的战略资源。在实践中,成功的企业家也意识到企业发展的唯一路径都保持密切的企业员工和激励他们的工作热情和内在潜力,使他们能够结合自己的智慧,能力和需求与企业的发展目标并努力创造和创新自己的工作。

Employee involvement is also employee participation. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Employee involvement and participation (EIP) was first proposed as an equally important issue with the company strategy. Mayo's Hawthorne experiments triggered the people’s concern to the decisive role of the human in improving the productivity (Elizabeth F.Cabrera et al. 2001). Also, employee http://www.51lunwen.org/humanresource/ participation can be defined as any a process in which employees can exert some impact on their work and working conditions (Strauss et al. 1998).Cotton believes that employee participation is a participation process of a full play to the ability of employee participation and designing it in order to encourage employees for organizational success make more commitments and dedications. The underlying logic is based on that the employee participation can have an impact on their own decision-making and increase the autonomy and control to their working life so as to make employees work better, more productive, more loyal to the organization and more satisfied to the work.员工的参与也是员工参与。在20世纪20年代后期和20世纪30年代初,员工的参与和参与(EIP)首次提出与公司战略的一个同样重要的问题。梅奥的霍桑实验引发了人们的关注,人类在提高生产力的决定性作用(伊丽莎白F.Cabrera等,2001)。此外,员工的参与可以被定义为任何一个过程中,员工可以施加一些影响他们的工作和工作条件(施特劳斯等,1998)。棉认为,员工的参与是一个参与的过程中充分发挥员工的能力参与和设计,以鼓励员工为组织的成功做出更多的承诺和奉献。背后的逻辑是基于员工的参与可以有自己的决策的影响和增加的自主权和控制他们的工作生活,使让员工更好地工作,更高效,更忠诚于组织和更满意工作。

Regardless of any enterprise, its development and success can not be separated from its employees from a full range of participation. Similarly, it is not separated for the corporate decision-making and the business strategy to get the staffs’ support. And the development of the human resources and the personnel resources is essential means to the enterprises without the employee involvement. The important point is that the enterprise should clearly outline the core philosophy and the existence meaning in order to boost the employees’ morale and easily access to their understanding. Thus, all employees’ concerted participation can finally improve the initiatives to the employees meet customer needs to promote the enterprises’ effective, rapid and stable developme论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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