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Offshore Software Development: Opportunities and Risks

论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:学期论文 termpaper登出时间:2010-06-06编辑:anne点击率:2237

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关键词:Offshore Software DevelopmentOpportunitiesRisksFinancial RiskOSDTechnological Risk

1. Introduction
Offshore software development means clients take the whole or the part of IT work to the professional companies to finish in other countries (Barki and Rivard, 2007). Offshore software development includes corporate application software design and development, software system integration, testing and maintenance, as well as the application system data service (Vining, 2007). Offshore software development strategy, which is a "take off", quickly, becomes the mainstream of the software industry.
The tide of offshore development comes and it sweeps through the United States, impacts the Europe, but also spread to the Asian countries (Vining, 2007). In this wave, there are a wide range of affected industries, which include the telecommunications industry, so we must be fully aware of the inevitability of this trend. Like many commercial trends in the past, offshore software development is a "double-edged sword" (Quinn and Hilmer, 2005). For the one hand it will lead to fundamental changes in corporate cost structure, leading to increased efficiency and service improvements; for the other hand, it may also have a lot of risks, and cause the complexity of operating system and even lead to loss of control.
Large companies in the world will be looking to invest in developing countries today, but how they should deal with the upsurge of offshore software development is an important issue. Firstly, there may bring many opportunities, so to raise the technical quality and the quality of language and culture in order to......................
2. Opportunities in Offshore Software Development
2.1 Opportunities to Developers
2.2 Opportunities to Clients
3. Risks in Offshore Software Development
3.2 Collaboration Risk
3.3 Legal Risk
3.4 Financial Risk
3.5 Social Risk
4. Risk Avoiding in Offshore Software Development
4.1 Avoiding Financial Risk
4.4 Avoiding Collaboration Risk
5. Conclusions

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