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英语论文开题报告:The Proposal of Skills in English Reading and Listening [2]

论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:报告 Report登出时间:2010-12-27编辑:anterran点击率:9814

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关键词:Thesis ProposalSkillsEnglish ReadingListening

listening. The traditional teaching of English focuses on vocabulary and grammar. There is very less chances to train students’ reading and listening in ordinary lessons, except for the last few weeks before examination. Lack of training or skills is one of the reasons which retard their improvement. As the old saying goes,to give a man a fish,he can only eat for a short time.If you tell him how to fish,he will benefit by this for an age.We should teach them how to master the effective skills and methods to improve themselves. They should learn to use the skills to handle variety questions, obtain and analyse information, such as skills of forecasting, taking notes in listening comprehension, calculating word’s meaning, finding topic sentence in reading comprehension, etc. Mastering the right skills, then the students can face different questions of reading and listening smoothly and reach the purpose of improving English level.
Therefore, this thesis analyzes the current situation of English majors’ reading and listening, some factors that hinder the development of the students’ ability and accordingly provides some solutions.It shows that students should be given instructions of study strategies and training of reading and listening skills.I hope these skills can help students to get rid of fear of reading comprehension and listening comprehension, pass all tests by these skills, and finally, meet the purpose of improving English ability.

2. Research Questions, Methods, and Steps
Research Methodology:
At first, this thesis introduces the importance of reading comprehension and listening comprehension. Every English learner should take these two sections seriously. They connect with the effect of learning. Secondly, I analyze some factors of affecting. These factors are very common among students. Because of these factors, students’ performance could not be increased. Then some skills of improvement are came up with against the factors of affecting. These skills can help students overcome their weakness and improve their effect of learning. Follow these methods and skills, have more and more practice in reading and listening, students’ ability will be greatly improved. Then to pass all kinds of English proficiency test is not a difficult problem.
Research Process:
At the preparation stage, I searched for many materials on Internet database and went to Guangzhou Library to collect the related words. I did much research of the documents, words and theses that related to my thesis. I read all the materials seriously that I had found and did a detailed reading note. I screened all the materials, summarized the useful information. Then, the article review came out. Next, I thought about the thread of thesis. The questions of this thesis want to discusses are “What is hindering students’ improvement in reading and listening?” “Some useful skills can help students improving their reading and listening comprehension.” The purpose and significance, background and prospect, procedure and main component of this thesis were established. Every week, I handed in my report of my work to directive teacher and asked her suggestion about what I had done. Under my teacher’s guide, I entered into writing stage.
In order to make the affecting factories and improving skills introducing in this thesis are more practical, beside refer to the materials on paper, I have also consulted my classmate in university for some practical a论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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