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On the Origins of English Idioms and comparison differences between English and Chinese idioms [4]

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ak spot in a man’s circumstances or character”. “A Pandora’s box”(潘多拉魔盒)(骆世平,2005.  2.4.1)which means the origin of all evils, is also from Greek mythology. Another example, Hercules was one of the most famous heroes in Greek mythologies. He killed two snakes when he was a baby, and was known as a man of muscle. Because of this, he “walks” into the English idioms: “Hercules choice”(永存,不朽), “the Hercules efforts”(费九牛二虎之力), “the pillars of Hercules”(天涯海角). Aesop’s Fable have a greatly influence in English idioms, e.g: “Aladdin’s lamp”(能产生神奇效果的东西)came from Aladdin and the wonderful lamp in Thousand and one Nights. In the story, Aladdin gained a magic lamp and a ring that he was able to call all deities to do anything that he wanted. Another examples, “an open sesame”(芝麻开门)from AliBaba and Forty Thieves. There 本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供are so much interesting stories that made so many idioms.
3. .Literary works
Many popular western literary masterpieces have the classic words, phrases and sentences that attract people greatly. They are shaped to evolve the hidden meanings; they are also one of the main sources of English idioms. In English literature, Shakespeare plays a very important role, his dramas are the major source of this kind: “Applaud one to the echo”(掌声雷动)(卢思源,2006.),“die in harness”(因公殉职),“make assurance doubly sure”(加倍小心),“at one fell swoop”(一举,一下子),“have an old head on young shoulders”(年轻却有头脑),“to claim one’s pound of flesh”(割某人的一磅肉),“out of joint”(杂乱无章),“a horse of different color”(截然不同的事或人),etc. Besides the works of other famous writers also store a great many idioms: “a nine-day wonder”(昙花一现)appears in Troilus and Cressida written by  Geoffrey Chaucer; “mind one’s eye”(当心你的眼睛)from Charles Dickens’s  Barnaby Ridge;  “the ugly duckling”(丑小鸭)is from Han Anderson’s tables; “Friday”(星期五)means faithful, is from Robinson Crusoe written by Daniel Defoe. Many English idioms were came from literary works with which we all familiarity.
D.  Idioms from traditions and customs
 Culture is long acquired from customs and habits. These customs and habits are representative of the way of living of a certain speech community and they are mirrored in the habitual speaking of the language. Food is one of the aspects of cultural tradition that are reflected in English idioms. In most European countries, bread, butter, jam, cheese, etc, are usual kind of food in daily meals. On the other hand, animals, sporting and daily life are also made so many idioms. So in English ,there are some idioms like: “bread and butter”(日常所需)(骆世平,2005. 2.6.3),“hard cheese”(倒霉), “to butter both sides of one’s bread”(过舒适的生活), “clever dog” means a clever boy or guy. “To help a lame dog over a stile”(雪中送炭) ,“love me, love my dog”(爱屋及乌),“dog days”(伏天),“as strong as an ox”(很健壮) ,“birds of a feather”(性格不同的人),“in the money”(获奖),“off and running”(进展顺利),“chuck in one’s cards”(认输),“throw in the towel”(投降), “jump the gun”(抢先),“toe the line”(服从命令),etc. Others ,we can learn some new idioms from Walt Disney, for example, “Mickey Mouse”(米老鼠): Small, insignificant 本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供or worthless person. This is a name of a mouse-like cartoon.
III. Comparison
 Using language in such communication, we often come across some idioms with distinctive cultural characteristics. So it is a very importance and complicated thing for us to understand these idioms correctly. So, we should have a comparison between English an论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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