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关键词:《荆棘鸟》女性形象The Thorn Birds父权社会Colleen McCullough


分析《荆棘鸟》中的女性形象及其在中文译本中的刻画-An Analysis of the Female in The Thorn Birds and a Review of its Chinese Versions on portraying them
摘  要:科林·麦卡洛的小说《荆棘鸟》,以其优雅流畅的文笔,曲折生动的情节,深刻永恒的主题,被誉为澳大利亚的《飘》,享誉全球。本文不落俗套地从女性主义的角度解读《荆棘鸟》,重点分析了四个敢于和父权社会抗争的女性形象:玛丽虽跳出了性别角色的桎梏,却未完全实现自我价值;菲追求真爱失败,但在精神上冲破了世俗观念;麦琪大胆地反抗上帝,最终在精神上战胜了以上帝为极权代表的父权社会;朱丝婷勇敢遵循自我,在父权社会中游刃有余,以别样的方式实现了自身价值。
Abstract: The Thorn Birdswritten by Australian woman writer Colleen McCullough in 1977 is called Australian Gone with the Windand makes a sensation throughout the world. This paper describes objectively and comprehensively different women's fate at the different stages of Women's Liberation Movement from a feminist perspective. It focuses on the analysis of four female characters that are brave enough to challenge the patriarchy. Jumped out of the pitches of conversion on female, Mary falls into the bitter sea of losing her own conScience and does not add any significant meaning to her life. Fee breaks through the bondage of the conversion toil although she fails to have a marriage built on true love, and the heroine Meggie is brave enough to challenge God, the ultimate representative of patriarchy and wins the battle with God in the spirit. The most outstanding figure is Justine who does not stick to old ways of life and makes great progress in self-actualization in this man-ruled society. Based on the previous analysis, this paper reviews how the two Chinese versions, respectively translated by Xiao Ming and Chen Mingjin and by Zeng Hu, portray the four female from the lexical and syntactical levels, and finally comes to the conclusion thatthe content and style of Zeng’ language is much faithful to the source language and his version is more clear and distinct, flowing and easy to read.

1.       Introduction
Colleen McCulloughis an internationally acclaimed Australian author. She was born in Wellington in central west New South Wales. A neuroscientist by training, she worked in various Sydney and United Kingdom hospitals before settling to ten years of research and teaching in the Department of Neurology at the Yale Medical School in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Her novels includeTim, The Thorn Birds, Indecent Obsession and Morgan’s Run and theMasters of Rome series. The depth of historical research in the Roman novels led to her being created a Doctor of Letters by Macquarie University in 1993. She is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
1.1 Outline of the Story
The story starts with the Cleary family moving to Drogheda, where Paddy’s sister Mary lives. She hires them to take care of her estate. Ralph, a handsome, ambitious priest stuck in the outback tries to befriend her, to gain her money and to help him rise to the top of the religious hierarchy. Ralph takes care of Mary’s relatives, and takes a liking to Meggie. The eleven-year-old is neglected by her mother, but adored by her eldest brother Frank. Father Ralph takes Meggie underneath his wing, offering her the love and reassurance she so desperately needs.
Meggie is happy with Ralph and her dear brother Frank. However, Frank’s relationship with his father Paddy has never been well. In an argument, Paddy blurts out the truth that Frank is not Paddy’s son. Frank was already conceived when Paddy married her, and Fee had always t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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