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Classic English Literature Essay

The essence of women in the society has been addressed with utter concern following the fact that despite their plight in the society, they play all major roles, which enhance the continuation of the society. Throughout the course of history, women have held a variety of roles in society. Traditionally men have been perceived to have a significant degree of superiority since the ancient times. Homer’s “The Iliad” is a perfect example of men’s dominance over women in that time. Female characters in “The Iliad” are like trophies, and what they do or say does not affect what happens in any important way.

The role of women represented in “The Iliad” is peripheral. The matter is that “The Iliad” is a poem about the Trojan War and about men who fought in it and women appear in the poem very rarely. As the Trojan prince Hector says, war is men’s business. What is more, women are treated as property and were simply used for children’s upbringing and work within a house: “As for the girl [Chryseis], I shall not release her. […] Old age will come upon her in our house […] where she will work at the loom and serve my bed” (Homer 4). Limited by such circumstances, they were given and taken as if they were belongings. Women are described as dependent on men both physically and intellectually. However, they are of crucial importance for the plot of the poem. Elena’s abduction by the Trojan prince Paris has brought the war. In addition to this, the kidnapping of the other women – Briseis,- lays the foundation for the specific development of events in “The Iliad” when Achilles’ passion and anger when Briseis is stolen from him is one of the major themes. Furthermore, Agamemnon, the Greek commander, being forced to free his slave Chryseis at first menaced the hero. Thereafter, he captured Briseis from Achilles in the form of compensation: “Just as Phoibos Apollo is taking Chryseis from me […] so I shall the beautiful Briseis, your prize, going myself to fetch her from your hut, so you can fully realize how much I am your superior” (Homer 7). As a result, Achilles abandons the Greek army and threatens possible victory of his compatriots: “the accursed anger which brought uncounted anguish in the Achaians and hurled down to Hades many mighty souls of heroes” (Homer 3).  Putting it into other words, women determine the course of plot in the poem. In spite of this fact, they are perceived as property, stolen goods but not as human beings. For example, Briseis is awarded to Achilles in the quality of prize and has become a symbol of status. What is more, being passed from Achilles to Agamemnon she has become a means of defining the relationship between these two Greeks. The example of Briseis and Chryseis was the reminder of what would happen if the Greeks succeeded in capturing Troy.

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