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关键词:LeadershipTeam performanceTransational leadershipTransformational leadershipGender代写留学生作业

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Leadership team cohesiveness and team performance

Purpose – To examine leadership style (transactional versus transformational), knowledge level, and team cohesiveness as antecedents of team performance.
Design/methodology/approach – The study was conducted among students studying for an MBA. The 252 participant students were involved in a computerized business simulation course which
required forming teams of about six members. Each team represented the management of one firm that competed with the other groups.
Findings – Transformational leadership was associated with a higher level of team cohesiveness, as compared to transactional leadership. Both knowledge level and team cohesiveness predict team performance, particularly among men.代写留学生作业
Research limitations/implications – The student sample may not necessarily represent responses from workers in an actual organization. From a measurement perspective, the reliability of the one item scale of leadership could not be ascertained.
Practical implications – For improving team performance, a manager should enhance team knowledge and encourage greater team cohesiveness.
Originality/value – Using a simulated research design, leadership style, an antecedent associated with individual performance, was also found to be related to team performance.
Keywords Leadership, Team performance, Transational leadership, Transformational leadership,
Paper type Research paper
As with individual performance, group performance is a vital determinant and frequently used indicator of organizational outcome. DeNisi (2000) argues that there is a belief among managers and the public that improving performance will assist organizations in their pursuit of excellence. Probably, the major emphasis of performance research has been on identifying antecedents and how they relate or lead to desired outcome measures (Viswesvaran and Ones, 2000). Similarly, for teams,researchers have asked what goes on when a team gets together in an organizational framework and which of these variables can predict or enhance performance (Cooke et al., 2003). Using measures of team performance as the criteria, the present study examines the interactive effects of three such variables, leadership, which has traditionally been studied in the context of individual performance, knowledge level and team cohesiveness. In addition, gender, which has been found to be an antecedent,as well as a moderator of performance, will be included in the prediction model.
Over the past decade or so, organizations have begun to use teams to a much greater extent (DeShon et al., 2004). Thus, when human resources personnel were asked what they considered their number-one priority, they answered that teamwork and how to capitalize on it so as to make it work better was the major issue for them (Roomkin et al.,
1998). In a comprehensive review of the history of groups and team usage, Sundstrom et al. (2000) found that the surge of work group applications can be found everywhere
in the organization ranging from production, service, management, and projects. Aside
from management’s perspective, the researcher’s focus on the process has led to many
new insights as to the “correct” makeup of a team that is likely to achieve
organizational goals. For example, Beal et al. (2003) argue that one of the important
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