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代写留学生作业:Provide a reportf or Carol Sullivan-Diazo n how she might improvet he

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Gase Study: Sullivan's Auto World
Provide a reportf or Carol Sullivan-Diazo n how she might improvet he
position of the organisation. Your analysls can include both short and
medium-term policies. You shourld use service encounter and recovery,
process( includingb lueprint)s, eryiceq ualitya nd services trategyc oncepts.
Analysiss hould be restrictedt o the nrateriali n the case.
report work
should include both analysis and a series of recommendationst,h e
代写留学生作业recommendationcsa n includeb othc hangest o be made recommendationtos
keepp artso f the organisatiounn changed.Y ou mightf ind it usefult o treatt he
salesa nd serviced epartmenst eparatelyt,h isw ille nabley out o evaluateth em
differentlyw hen requiredb y the differentf unctionsb ut also enable you to
comparet he two departmentws herer elevantto strengthenth e analysis.
recommendationss hould be prioritiseda nd give where relevant an
approximatein dicationo f the timet heyw ouldt o taket o irnplement
Your assignmensth ouldc riticallya ppraiseth e followinga reas:
. servicee ncountera nd customers atisfaction
. measuremenot f customers atisfaction
. a flow chart for servicing
. serviceq uality
o servicer ecoveryu singt he angrys howroomc ustomera s an exarnple
. services trategyfo r the organisation
YourA ssignmenst houldb e presenteda s WrittenR eport
Word Limit 25AA Words
Sullivan's Auto World
Viewedf romW ilsonA venue,t he dealersl'ripr esenteda festives ight.
Stringso f triangulapr ennantsin red,w hite,a nd bluef lutteredg ailyi n the late
afternoonb reeze.R owso f new modelc arsg leameda ndw inkedi n the
sunlightG. eraniumsg racedt he flowerbedso utsidet he showroome ntranceA.
huger otatings igna t the cornero f WilsonA venuea nd Route2 3 sportedt he
Fordl ogoa nd identifietdh e businessa s Sullivan'sA utoW orld.B annersb elow
urged "Let's Make a Deal!"
Insidet he handsomeh, iglrc eilingeds howroomt,h reeo f the new model
Fordsw ereo n display- a dark-blues tationw agon,a red convertiblea,n d a
whiteT hunderbirdE. achw as polishedto a highs heen.T wo groupso f
customersw erec hattingw iths alespeoplea,n d a middle-agemd an sat in the
driver'ss eato f the convertibles, tudyingth e controls.
Upstairsin the comfortablfyu rnishedg eneralm anager'so ffice,C arol
Sufifv an-Diafzi nishedr unninga nothers preadsheeatn alysiso n the computer.
Shef eltt ireda ndd epressedH. erfatherW, alterS ullivanh, add iedf ourweeks
earlier at the age of 56 of a sudden heart attack. As executor of his estate, the
bankh ada skedh erto temporarilay ssumet he positiono f generaml anagero f
the dealershipT.h e onlyv isiblec hangesth ats he hadm adet o herf ather's
officew erei nstallingth e computear nd printer,b uts he hadb eenv ery busy
analyzintgh e currenpt ositiono f the business.
Sullivan-Diazdindo t liket he looko f the numberso n the printoutA. uto
World'sf inanciasl ituationh ad beend eterioratinfgo r 1Bm onthsa, nd it had
beenr unningi n the redf orthe first halfo f the currenty ear.l \ew car salesh ad
declinedr,e l'lectinhgi ghi nteresrt atesa nda turndownin the regional
economyM. arginsh adb eens queezedb y promotionas ndo there ffortst o
moven ew carso ff the lot. Industryfo recastso f futures alesw ere
discouraginga,n d so wereh ero wnf inanciapl rojectionfso rAutoW orld'ss ales
departmentS. eruicer evenuesw, hichw e论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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